Jesus Take The Wheel: Mentally Ill Oklahoma High School Student Planning Columbine-Style Attack Popped After Illegally Buying Guns, Researching Murder, How To Hide Dead Bodies!

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This kid looks fawking crazy!

Oklahoma Teenager Arrested For Illegally Buying Guns And Researching Murder Cover-Up

Police have discovered disturbing details regarding a Woodward teen facing weapons charges.

They said family members told them 18-year-old Timmy Dean Eike would watch videos of the Columbine High School shooting while loading his shotgun.

Eike was charged Wednesday in Oklahoma City federal court with illegally possessing firearms and with making false statements to purchase the weapons.

Tuesday night federal investigators seized a shotgun, rifle and 250 rounds of ammunition from the bedroom.
His arrest comes after he asked a taxi driver how to hide dead bodies and how hard it would be for police to track him down.

The high school senior had used the taxi service regularly in recent months to get from his home to a job at Walmart.

Eike was taken into custody at Walmart Tuesday night.

According to an affidavit, he bought a weapon and lied about his mental health on background checks.

Authorities said he was suicidal and had a history of mental health issues.

Eike is being held in the Logan County jail.

We’re just glad that they got this crazy muhfugga off of the streets before he had a chance to carry out whatever sick idea he was planning.

Image via KFOR


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