Question Of The Day: Is Usher A Douche-Bag Piece Of Isht Beyotch For Proceeding With Custody Battle Against Tameka Foster After She Just Buried Her Son???

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Damn bruh, WTF?

Usher Plans To Continue Custody Battle With Tameka Foster

Although Tameka Foster is clearly still grieving the loss of her son Kile, her ex-husband Usher can’t see ’em coming down his eyes, so he’s gotta make the mom cry. The R&B superstar is said to have plans to continue his heated battle with Tameka for custody of his two children Usher Raymond V and Naviyd.

Not only is the trial going to continue, people close to Tameka seem to think that “Ursha” used Kile’s death to gain some sort of PR advantage and gain sympathy from his fans.

We feel like the only reason he came at all is because the media kept portraying Kile as “Usher’s stepson.”

He wasn’t supportive to the family at all and we feel he used the situation to draw sympathy from his fans.

The sad thing about this entire situation is that Tameka swallowed her pride and actually reached out to Usher while Kile was hospitalized.

She could never get him on the phone so she left a message begging him to help her with some of the expenses her insurance wouldn’t cover.

He never returned her calls and when Kile passed away Tameka reached out to him again and he still hasn’t responded to this day.

It’s my understanding that they’re scheduled to resume the case in court Aug. 13th.

Looks like the rumors that Ursh was dropping the case was just a bunch of BS.

Usher had no intention of dropping that custody dispute and his high powered PR team leaked that fake story about him wanting to settle, hoping fans would think that it was Tameka who is being uncooperative but that is so far from the truth.

What an azzhole! Do you think that Usher is dead azz wrong to be acting like this or is he perfectly within his rights?

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