Swanky Or Skanky? Posh Country Club Allowed Golfers To Hire Strippers And Hookers For Entertainment On The Course And In The Locker Room

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Country Club Allowed Golfers To Hire Strippers And Prostitutes To Service Them On Premises

Where’s Tiger Woods? This sounds like his kind of place to practice!

There’s a special place in Long Island for dirty dogs who like golf…

A bunch of wealthy Long Island golfers turned their clubhouse into a cathouse — hiring strippers and hookers to entertain them on the course and in the locker rooms, according to a bombshell complaint.

Management at the swank $15,500-a-year Tam O’Shanter Club in Brookville told staffers not to discuss the shenanigans with members’ wives — and made them turn off their cellphones because “they didn’t want anyone taking pictures,” former bartender Justin Williams told The Post.

The flesh-fests took place during the country club’s men-only August outings attended by about 100 to 150 members and their guests, said Williams, who this week filed a wrongful termination complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

The day began with scantily clad local strippers parading around the golf course at each of the tees — and ended with prostitutes having sex with the men in members-only showers and massage rooms, he said.

“The members would play a round of golf, and while they were out there, they would have strippers on the course, and drinks,” said Williams, 33.

The girls came in for cocktail hour but would eventually leave — and “the actual prostitutes would come in,” said Williams.

“There were about 10 prostitutes. I don’t know where they came from.”

During cocktail hour, club general manager Maureen Hollenbach and food manager Carl O’Boyle “would send most of the female staff home. At that point, whoever wanted to solicit would just walk up to the hooker, and things were negotiated during cocktails.”

“They would go downstairs in the locker room, massage area and shower room. That’s where it would go down. Some of them would go outside somewhere out of view.”

“The wives would ask me the next day what happened. I would leave the prostitution part out but tell them that they got drunk on the golf course and had some strippers in bikinis on the golf course,” Williams said.

Williams recounted a conversation with O’Boyle in which the manager told him he’d once seen a member getting “brains” from a hooker on the green.

“The member told Carl to just move along,” Williams said.

A spokeswoman for the country club said it hadn’t seen the complaint and declined comment.

In the EEOC complaint — filed by Long Island lawyers Michael Borrelli and Alexander Coleman — the bartender also claims that when he complained of being sexually harassed by a male dishwasher, managers Hollenbach and O’Boyle told him he was “having a mental breakdown” and fired him.

The country club — which boasts an 18-hole championship golf course designed by architect David Postelwait — celebrates its 50th anniversary this month and is a haven for New York lawyers, doctors and businessmen and their BMW- and Mercedes-driving spouses.

In his EEOC filing, Williams also said Hollenbach and O’Boyle ordered him to refill premium liquor bottles with “low-end” booze and “pass it off to members at premium prices.”

SMH… Sounds like that place wasn’t isht! What would you do if you found out your hubby was getting some lip service on the golf course?

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