Read Between The Lines: Chris Brown Pleads For Karrueche’s Cakes Heart In New Single -“…I Won’t Deny,Most Of It Is True,But It Was All Before I Fell For You..”

- By Bossip Staff

New Chris Brown Single Sends Subliminal Message To The Girl In His Life

Chris Breezy is working over time in his new song to prove that despite the rumors, the girl in his life has nothing to worry about…….but who is he talking about?

Chris Brown is pleading with a girl in his new single “Don’t Judge Me” and the emotional lyrics are leaving fans torn. Could it be he’s telling Karrueche Tran not to worry about Rihanna and the rumors out there about him? Or could he be reassuring Rihanna that he loves her and Karrueche means nothing?

“I don’t wanna go there/ We should never go there,” he says. “So please don’t judge me/ And I won’t judge you/ Cause it could get ugly/ Before it gets beautiful,” he croons in the hook.”

But the most telling lyrics are when he says: “You’re hearing rumors about me/And you can’t stomach the thought/Of someone touchin my body /When your so close to my heart/I wont deny what their sayin’/Because most of it is true/But it was all before I fell for you/So please babe.”

Hmm.  The lyrics sound pretty cut and dry to us.  And if  we had to read between the sheets lines and take a guess, we’d say Rih’s battleship has just been sunk.

Who do you think the song is about?


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