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The struggle life of Kristen Stewart continues.

Will Ferrell Disses Kristen Stewart On Conan O’Brien Show

Will Ferrell is a tween at heart.

In fact, the 45-year-old Campaign star is absolutely distraught over the recent troubles in Twilight-land.
Thursday night on Conan, the funnyman hysterically broke down over the scandal.

“[Kristen Stewart] had a boyfriend, right? Robert Pattinson, he’s R.Pattz,” he explained to Conan O’Brien. “And they’re broken up. They’re not going to get back together ever.”

When O’Brien tried to reassure Ferrell that everything would be OK, he fired back, “It’s not going to be fine, ever. What they had was so special, you don’t even know! You would never know!”

This guy is a damn fool, peep the video below.

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