Pay Yo Bills: Currently Unemployed NFL Baller Plaxico “I Got The Gat” Burress Owes Uncle Sam $59,000

- By Bossip Staff

Maybe his new nickname should be “Plaxic-OWE”…

According to TMZ reports:

Current free agent Plaxico Burress could really use an NFL team right now … because the unemployed wide receiver just had a tax lien filed against him in the State of New York for more than $59,000.

According to legal docs, Burress didn’t quite pay all his personal income tax for the year 2007 and now the Empire State is looking to collect on the $59,241 he owes.

Burress was the top receiver for the NY Giants and under a 6-year $25-million contract … but a stint behind bars after a gun charge put an end to all that. If he doesn’t cough up the cash, the state can seize his assets.

These ninjas are gonna learn today! You can’t duck ya Unc! He wants all his gwap, and he wants it now!!

A talent like Plaxico’s is sure to get picked up by SOME NFL team…right??

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