Not-So-Blind Item: Which Pop Star’s Young Boo Thang Thinks He’s More VIP Than The Other Acts On Her Tour?

- By Bossip Staff

Another day another blind item:

Which pop star’s young lover is causing major problems on her current tour because he thinks he’s a bigger star than the other acts performing alongside his cougar girlfriend? The brash beau thinks he’s the ringleader of the concert tour and has alienated almost everyone except for his famous meal ticket!

This one clearly seems like J.Lo and Casper riiight???

Since that one was pretty easy here’s another…

Bonus Blind Item:

Which super-skinny TV personality says she doesn’t have an eating disorder, BUT works out semi-disguised so no one can recognize her? The married mom-to-be shows up to the gym with sunglasses, hair pulled down and a hat, then finds the farthest, out-of-the way treadmill to shed even more weight!

Married mom-to-be TV personality seems like it could be Vanessa Lachey, but super skinny seems like an extreme way to describe her. Can you think of anyone else it could be?


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