Superhead: Don’t Call Me Superhead, ‘I Won’t Talk to Ignorant Black People’

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

Superhead was on Detroit’s WJLB today and blasted the hosts for calling her ‘Superhead’. She says she never promoted that name but this picture is still on her Myspace. The cum bucket stormed out the interview saying “she won’t talk to ignorant Black people.”

Superhead dissed Bossip last month as a “Mom and Pop” site. We don’t have anything to say. We will let her T-shirt do the talking. Click here to listen to the interview.

Here is a video where she says she came up with the name ‘Superhead’. This is another lie. Poor thang.

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  • ChanceM00re


  • iceprincess

    oh she crazy she aint even pretty or stacked…not wonder she’s hittin dudes like Bill Mayer…don’t know why she even gets any play what she says never makes any sense.

  • beth

    poor thang is right

  • Royal Chocolate

    Don’t try to have an attitude now, Ms Thang. And calling you Superhead is all in fun when anyone discusses or talks to your nasty ass. If you can take a d*ck, you most certainly can take a joke.

  • Mississippi Girl

    No one will never even know who she is if they say “superhead”!! I mean, is she serious??

  • 504okaay

    hmmm, what about ignorant white ppl or japanese ppl, would you talk to them??? she needs her vocalcords ripped out…ugh !

  • eat the cake anna mae

    So are Irv and Ja Rule ignorant black people for naming her that? Cuz thats who she needs to be directing that statement to!This ho got some nerves!

  • ~

    Superhead sought to copyright the term for her personal use and now she’s beyond it? Oh well, as she said her time hanging with the hip hop crowd wasn’t her. The real Karrine hangs with Bill Maher, Perez Hilton, and eats at places like Mr. Chows. Hanging with the hip hop crowd is like playing in Play-Doh, to paraphrase her words.

    We [black people] will be here when you need us Karrine.

  • Eye

    504, I know that is right. She is so useless. The only thing she can do is make up stories about being sucking dick. Has she forgottent that is her claim to fame? Can someone piss on her and release the tape so we can call her _________

  • Trini Chica in BK

    Karrine I total understand what has happen to you. You are defintely scarred from your failed relationship. Girl you will be alright. Peace

  • ko

    Is she for real??? She’s famous for giving mouth hugs to your favorite actor, athlete and rapper. this site has a picture of her getting splashed in the face with “mayonaise”. And now she wants to be called Karrine. This woman is delusional and I hope her children will be able to avoid any ridicule or embarrassment in the future due to their moms behavior

  • Trini Chica in BK

    Karrine I total understand what has happened to you. You are defintely scarred from your failed relationship. Girl you will be alright. Peace

  • Macho-in-Paris-France


  • HF

    U mean WHO DIDN’T she do to become a celeb in the USA.

    Her lil crumbsnatcha is gon b either on meds or pullin’ OJ’s. U heard it here first!

  • BlackWomenJustDontListen


    Thats what she get trying to do a Hollywood on real folk. Mebbe if some other folk had the empathy to talk to this broad straight up, insted of tryin to pimp her out for 60 minutes(LIKE FOXX ON HIS SHOW) she would be a better off.

  • l

    has any of the people she has slept with had an AIDS TEST becaus she is scary. she an Epidemic.

  • Reformed GammaRay

    Goodnight. I am official sleep on this ho..

  • ImpressMe

    Playing the goodie too shoes role (Beyonce and Superhead)By the way somebody please put that hoe on blast too! He put superhead on blast. Honestly he was way too respect too her. All the women who like her have serious psychological issues. She is a tramp and doesn’t speak for all Black women.

  • lacyd

    She seems really emotional lately. You think she’s been diagnosed with AIDS yet?? Next she’ll be playing the I found Jesus card, then we should know that somethings going on with her. Sorry SUPERHEAD, but you’ve been typecasted as a HOE, who just so happens to give SUPER HEAD.

  • Mocha

    She doesn’t TALK to them, she sucks them off!

    This chic is officially certifiable. She’s obviously mental. She likes to be called ‘Sue’ for short.

  • AND...

    Wow. That’s all I can honestly say.

  • Roosevelt

    I have never actually heard (or paid attention to) her speak… she seems unexpectedly quite “valley-ish”, I expected something a little different (more hood) I suppose. She is however quite jaded as to how she came about her fame. I do understand the “pet name” thing, but she shouldn’t have publicly promoted herself as such, even if it was an attempt to proactively supress the ridicule. Like the DJ said, many people (including myself) know or knew her as nothing else but “Superhead”. I also find it hard to believe that she “shared life altering experiences” with all the celebs in her first book… I believe that’s a weak attempt to disguise her claim to fame, excessive promiscuity with big names, in search of some sort of new, more respectable identity as a “New York Times best selling author” (as she so eloquently mentioned)… however she is forgetting the first rule of the G code: “You can’t turn a Ho into a Housewife”… that goes for “New York Times best selling authors” as well MISS Stephans., “Think Differently” Talk Radio.

  • Teeza

    Bless her heart. Karrine should not think of herself above anyone, just because she put out a top seller. I read the first book and for surely getting the second one. But the truth of the matter is, she wrote these books and let it all hang out. Karrine had given critics ammunition to shoot at her. You ain’t suppose to tell everythang!!!! Some stuff you take to the grave. She chose not to be discreet in her testimony. What’s wrong with just saying, “I slept with a bunch a people and these are the steps I’ve taken to change my yesterday, my history and blah, blah.” She is telling and selling, without a solution. That’s why she’s not being taken serious.

  • Lady Topaz!!!

    Uh correction Ms. Karrine — per your own words you “patent and trademarked the name Superhead,” as to have the financial benefits associated with it! Have you forgotten? It was on your very own website.

    Listen y’all, she’s makin’ her dough.

    Remember, “Karma baby. Karma.”


    Lainy you cold for that one but the truth is cold as hell. I wouldnt touch her with a dogs d#%$ to be honest. She aint even all that fine

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