Kush Chronic-les: Banned Olympic Hopeful Says More Than 50 Olympians Are Piff-Puffin And Passin

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Banned Olympic Hopeful Says Smoking Illegal Herbs Shouldn’t Disqualify Athletes

An Olympic hopeful that was banned from participating in this year’s Olympics because she tested positive for that sticky-icky is speaking out on why it really shouldn’t be an issue.

American wrestler Stephany Lee, who missed the Olympics because she tested positive for the illegal herb, was at home in Colorado Springs when she heard that judoka Nicholas Delpopolo had been thrown out of the London Games after failing a drug test he blamed on inadvertently eating food baked with the highly controversial herb.

Delpopolo is 23, the same age Michael Phelps was when the swimmer was photographed inhaling from an heb-filled pipe in 2009. Phelps, who never failed a drug test, apologized, received a three-month suspension from USA Swimming and is celebrated as the most decorated Olympian in history.

“That was evidence that he does do that,” Lee said of Phelps during an interview with USA TODAY Sports on Monday. “And you’re still going to be able to achieve your dreams regardless. Look at him. He’s awesome. He’s the best athlete ever in the Olympics. It’s a double standard. If you already make a name for yourself, then what happens afterward really doesn’t matter. … I’d rather have my situation (of not going) than getting kicked out of the Olympic Village” like Delpopolo.

Lee said she and other Olympic athletes exhibit “camaraderie” in discussing with one another when best to stop illegal herb usage before expected testing. Lee estimated that at least “a good 50 Olympic athletes” use it regularly before they stop in time for testing.

“We all regulate our consumption,” Lee said. “It’s not like we have to do a competition and we are continuously on this; that’s not how it works. We know when the tests are going to be because they come to the biggest events. A month before this I am not going to do this anymore, just for the simple fact that you’ll have to clean your system.

Is it just us or does this sounds like she’s also throwin a little bit of bitter shade towards her “comrades” in addition to “bringing the issue to the forefront?”

We’re just sayin.


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