Jenny Who Left The Block: I’m Not Pregnant

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

J Lo is denying reports she is pregnant.

If you go by Diddy’s recent verse on the I Get Money Remix, Kim Porter Jenny is still on his mind. Poor thang.

Click here to listen to Diddy’s recent verse braggin’ about getting in J Lo’s pants.

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  • Ms. Sugar walls


  • Ms. Sugar walls

    The BIG questions are:

    Why do we care?

    Why does she wear…BIG country looking clothes?

  • Taylormade

    In 5 years she’s gonna wish she had gotten pregnant, the biological clock is tickin. OH…and “big country clothes” what are you referring to? What do you want her to dress like a 20 yr old headed to the club? She’s a grown women and she dresses like it.


    Who cares if she gets pregnant or not

  • helltothanaw

    why are either of these no talent havin’ mofos relevant news?????? yawn……….

  • Angie

    I heard the song and my first thought was…how sad that he still has a crush on her. I guess she’s the only woman who told him to F-off and really meant it. That must be why.

  • ms jazz

    get over it dumb diddy

  • Reformed GammaRay

    Ms SUGAR!!!

    girl your gravy, is really making reminisce lol

  • Delta Diva

    I agree with Ms. Sugar walls, Since she married Marc Anthony, her style hasn’t been the same and that is one of the things she was known for having great style and sex appeal. It’s not the fact that her clothes appeal to older women, the stuff she wears is just plain ugly and too big…

  • Black Beauty

    I would like to hear how Kim is going to downplay the remix.

  • bcan

    I too believed she was that “one” for him which is why he keeps mentioning her. I sware he pined over her for years after they broke up. Remember the “I Need a Girl” & the 3 damn remixes??!! But Marc did slow “J-Ho” as Jamie calls her the F*ck down. She is a grandma compared to the old days.

  • Lili

    Puffy is a dog. He will always love that woman. If only he had acted right…and not popped off in a crowded club lol

    Marc Anthony needs to go at him or something for speaking and Jen like that. That line is so disrespectful.

    Anyway, I hope she does get pregnant soon, I mean, if she wants a kid.

  • Kel

    she is definitely pregnant!! They just want to wait until she is past her first trimester to announce it! I don’t blame her for wanting to wait. The media is gonna be all up in her shiz more than ever if she announced it early! She doesn’t need the added stress! She’s been trying for awhile now and had to go through invitro to make it happen! I wish her and her baby or babies nothing but the best!

  • versace

    These pics are so old. She really looked like p.r. then. His new name is Bucky.

  • san

    man marc anthony messed her up. she so wack now. but ya’ll know what, i don’t believe she really oves marc. i think she is with him because he is hispanic. her family probably approves of him just because he is hispanic.

  • Maya

    Puff ain’t never gettin over J-Lo. It seems like everytime she turns around, either him or Kim Porter got her name in their mouths! A shame! That was like eight years ago, get over it. And as health conscious as she is, she is DEFINITELY pregnant. The pics I saw, her face and nose shows it all, not to mention that belly bump while walking down the runway during Fashion Week. Look at Christina Agulierra, she has YET to announce, and she’s clearly showing….

  • Maya

    Miss Keen, I agree with you, she DEFINITELY has her own swagger, no one is quite touching her on that!!!! Lately, she has fallen off, tho..

  • I Stay SMH

    Clue for the day

    Vote in vain for only Xavier.


  • Bird

    Puff wears his insecurity on his sleeve. I hope he’s able to hook another A-List celebrity chick so he can feel like a man.

  • Mz_Magnificent1

    I bet if J.Lo wanted a ring and marriage she would have gotten it from Diddy…anywayz, that chick is pregnant why is she fakin?

  • Mahogany

    JLo had him. It wasn’t until they ended that it seemed like I heard more slow songs from him. “Bella” (his nickname for her) and he even let Mario Winans have a quick spin on the radio! lol

    With Kim early on I heard “Hypnotize” (w/ Biggie), “Mo Money, Mo’ Probs” and “All about the Benjamins”…


    I’m just sayin

  • Mahogany

    Oh, and my “U heard it here first” is………….

    JLo will come out w/ a maternity line.

    And I’m sure it’ll be fly.

    that is all

  • Astrid

    If Jennifer is not pregnant, then she is getting a beer gut and should lose some weight.

  • The Real Essence 1

    @ STFU

    “she didn’t even have black women in her videos! Black people were once again duped by an ass and some bamboo earrings. Serve us right, maybe next time we’ll learn”

    I could not have said that any better!

    Also-Do you guy’s see how different J-Lo’s nose looks…these people have subtle things as opposed to full blown rhinoplasty- the goal is to still look yourself only better!

  • mzc2u

    Kim can say what the hell she wants ,but JLo had Puffy’s heart and it seems like she still does, Puffy needs to let J-lo go because she is married and for some reason, I think she is going to stay with Marc. Jlo’s style has definetly dropped since she been with him, she is not the same at all. Marc needs to check Diddy about using his WIFE’S name in songs. Get over it Diddy!!!!!

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