The Shade: Did Drake Fire Shots At Chris Brown’s Over His Struggling Album Sales In Aaliyah’s New Song “Enough Said”???

- By Bossip Staff

Looks like the Aubrey and Breezy fued is gonna be the hip-hop Hatfields and McCoys!

Drake Appears To Diss Chris Brown In Aaliyah Song “Enough Said”

Although a majority of the controversy surrounding Drake’s latest recording on a posthumous Aaliyah track was due to the word that he would be executive producing the deceased singer’s new album, among the outrage, it appears that Drizzy’s not-so-subliminal diss toward his rival light-skinned crooner/rapper Chris Brown was lost in the fray.

The ever-emo Toronto rapper clearly spits:

“Running through the city with n!**as I’d give a kidney/ Selling under 150 you n!**as got to be kidding/ Is this even still a discussion?/ Don’t you ever wake up disgusted?”

For the record, Chris Brown’s latest long-player Fortune, only registered about 134,000 copies sold after numerous push-backs and delays.

For another listen to the song click HERE

Short of these two finally catching a good ol’ fashioned fade, we can’t see this situation ever coming to a resolution. As much Stan-like adoration respect as Aubrey has for Aaliyah, you would think that he would leave his lil’ beyotch-made disputes out of her music, but then again, emo is and emo does…

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