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California Mountain Lion Mated With His Own Daughter Because Highway Interfered With Mating

Apparently inbreeding isn’t just for folks from West Virginia!

DNA testing has shown that two mountain lion cubs found at a federal park northwest of Los Angeles were the result of inbreeding between an adult male and its daughter, NBC affiliate KNBC-TV reports.

The cubs appear healthy and it’s actually the second such case found inside the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area, Seth Riley, a wildlife ecologist for the park, told KNBC-TV.

The park runs up to the Pacific Ocean on one side and a key corridor on the other side has long been cut off by Highway 101 — essentially trapping the mountain lions inside its 154,000 acres or forcing them to seek routes through urban areas.

“If animals can’t get to new areas they end up being stuck near their close relatives and you get that kind of thing,” Riley said.

Park staff have proposed building a tunnel under Highway 101 but need $10 million to get it funded. Without the tunnel, they fear the local population might go extinct.

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