Are You Feeling these Get Ups???: Fantasia & Christina Milian

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

We can always count on Fantasia to come correct with that bootleg swag. She was spotted at the Cracked Christmas Fundraiser in LA last night wearing this bizarre feathered frock. Meanwhile, Christina Milian stepped out to Kiss FM’s Jingle Ball concert on some Pirates of the Carribean shyte. So you know we’ve gotta ask: Are You Feeling These Get Ups???

We’ve included more pics from the KissFM jawn on the flip.

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  • Va Va Voom



    A hot mess x’s 2
    specially them daym skull and bones…


    get my name right…

  • pm

    Mrs Milian can do no wrong in eyes

  • Joey B

    question shoulda been: which one can’t read???

  • Joey B

    lol @ PUPPLE..i mmean PURPPLE


    What up Joey….heehee.

  • Rawr

    Fantasia looks good
    i dont know about Christina though

  • Joey B

    goodmornin PURPPLE!

  • kahmmillion

    Tasia just a hood chick and nothing will change that….that’s just who the girl is….Do you Tasia! Tasia just gonna keep it hood, if ya’ll like it or not. And, I don’t blame her. At least she not losing a lot of weight and losing who she really is…. she is staying true to herself!

  • African Princess

    Fire your stylists!

  • Encyclopedia Brown

    Dear Christina,

    Will you marry me?


    E. Breezy

  • statim08

    Tasia is dressing like she being foreclosed.

  • KAM


  • Dizzy McElroy

    Christina could get it

  • FashionistaCunt

    You people are crazy. fantasia look a hot ass stir fried mess AS USUAL, nothing will change that. On the other hand, my girl Christina Milian is doing it for those of us who are inspired by fashion.. I commend u Christina u look hot and fab as always.

  • Oshie - how u do dat? I call it dope girl magic

    No, I’m not feeling either of these outfits. They both need to get undressed immediately. And then make out.

  • Ask No Questions, Hear No Lies

    i think christina milian looks good … i wouldn’t wear those leggings, but she can definately carry it off

  • chaka1

    Actually Fantasia looks decent for once. Christina is ok…

  • Nina Knows

    Whut up Purpple!! yhea I’m passing on these two as well. Not feeling it, not feeling it.

  • Honeybunz

    Umm Fantasia looks very nice in this pic…i dont see anything wrong with what she has on ..Christina is beautiful as usual but she should have gone with just some plain black leggings..

  • always knew

    BOTH OF THEM- should just stop it…Maybe it’s a belated Halloween party….Need some stylists,asap, please!….

  • anonymous says

    TIM TIM .. what up dawg… What the hell does this cow have to be always talking smack on here. her comments are always talking down about a celeb who gives lest than a fart about her!

  • Tea

    In random order: no and hell naw!

  • Ms. T.

    They’re both young. They can get away with it.

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