Struggle Year Part 3: Men Who Were Hot In The 90s And Fell Way The Eff Off By 2012

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Men From The 90s Who Fell Off

Last week we showed you some ladies that fell off over the course of the years. We understand that some of the women may  have felt like we were picking on them, so we decided to give the fellas a rough time for a change. Let’s look at some men that were objects of desire in the 90s then lost it. Whether it was due to just father time, bad looks or just acting like damn fools. These men don’t have it anymore.

Michael Jordan – He could have grown to be an older attractive man. But those damn tattered jeans are the devil’ work.

Brian Mcknight – He absolutely weirded everyone out with his vagina songs. Totally ruined his legacy.

Eddie Murphy – Baby mommas, Pluto Nash and Johnny Gill spelled doom for Eddie.

Wesley Snipes – Remember when he was the best piece of chocolate women could ever want? Well a little tax evasion will ruin that.

Cuba Gooding, Jr. – Remember how much people loved him during the 90s. Then he took his act too far and alienated every sistah in his path.

K-Ci and Jojo – Cocaine is a HELLUVA drug.

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    Al B. Sure – He looks like he needs a razor and a hot meal.

    Bobby Brown – He’s not a heartthrob anymore, ladies.

    Allen Iverson – He was the hottest baller in the 90s. Now he’s a creeper looking for a job. You want him now?

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