Florida Crazies: Tampa Man Popped After Setting His Girlfriend On Fire Then Going On A Carjacking Crime Spree

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Florida Man Sets Girlfriend On Fire Before Crime Spree

Tampa, FL Police arrested 32-year-old Joshua Kimbrough after he set his girlfriend on fire. He also reportedly fled the scene and went on a crime spree.

Kimbrough left the house, he went to a convenience store about a third of a mile away. While at that location, he held a family at gunpoint and then stole their van.

He is alleged to have driven north and broken into a home in a residential area. He then used a credit card taken in the burglary to put gas in the stolen van.

Area resident Michael Barnes, who was working on his car at the time, as saying, “She started hollering. I look up and she was completely in flames and was running towards us.” Barnes says he and others he was with grabbed blankets and tried to put the flames out.

Roy Gulley, another neighbor, told ABC News he had seen altercations between the couple before. He said, “I done reached out to them like, I’ve even stopped him you know from jumping on her, like, ‘hey man you know. Don’t do that. Especially around here you know. That’s your girl'”.

This crazy fool was thankfully caught and is currently being held at a Polk County jail. His judge denied Bond and Kimbrough is facing a variety of charges including attempted murder, assault and armed carjacking.

Kimbrough’s girlfriend is reported to be in critical condition with “extensive” burns on her upper body.

Something is definitely in the water down in Florida!



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