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It’s gonna get worse before it gets better…

Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta Star K.Michelle Threaten To Slap Memphitz Wife Toya Wright

Welp, we it’s not like we can totally surprised considering how much back and forth there has between K.Michelle, Toya, and her husband Memphitz over an alleged beating that reality TV star suffered while signed to Jive Records.

Both sides (K.Michelle and Memphitz/Toya) continue to claim the the other is lying and without any physical evidence to prove definitively what REALLY happened, it appears that we may never read/hear the end of this feud.

This week, Toya continued to do what she has always done, defend her husband against the claims of abuse and theft of funds from K.Michelle’s recording budget. This rubbed the rambunctious singer the wrong way and yesterday she took to Twitter to let Toya know that she is from the skreets and a fade is just what the doctor ordered!

Shortly after these tweets went out, K.Michelle’s lawyer must have called and told her that her rant would be used as evidence against her in the court of law (WHY people don’t understand that is beyond us), and they were subsequently deleted.

However, in response, Memphitz took the eBeef to a different medium and hopped on his Instagram to post this pic

As semi-entertaining as this fawkery has been, ultimately all three of these grown-a$$ people need to have a few seats, and let this isht go. If K.Michelle wanted some form of justice or truth, then she should have filed charges and taken appropriate legal action at the time of the incident.

At this point she is just starting to look like an attention slore acting ratchet on reality TV/Twitter.

Who do you believe? Memphitz and Toya or K.Michelle?

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