Bill O’Reilly Says He Isn’t A Racist

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Asshole Bill O’Reilly speaks on his comments made about dining at Sylvia’s Restaurant in Harlem. He feels the media “fabricated a racial controversy where none exists.” Click here if you missed what he said.

Via NY Daily News:

“If you listened to the full hour, it was a criticism of racism on the part of white Americans who are ignorant of the fact that there is no difference between white and black anymore,” he told the AP. “Circumstances may be different in their lives but we’re all Americans. Anyone who would be offended by that conversation would have to be looking to be offended.”

Sylvia’s manager Trenness Woods-Black told the New York Daily News that O’Reilly’s remarks were “insulting” and showed he has little knowledge of the black community.

At one point on the radio show, Williams mentioned that too many people see little else in black culture beyond profane rap. “That’s right,” O’Reilly said. “There wasn’t one person in Sylvia’s who was screaming, ‘M.F.-er, I want more iced tea.'”

“This isn’t about a racially insensitive remark,” he said. “Anybody can listen to the unedited version of the conversation on You want to think I’m insensitive to race, you go right ahead.”

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  • I Stay SMH

    He went on to say that he recently attended an Anita Baker concert and how “mixed” the crowd was. Black & white.

    WHO puts that much effort into a concert? Did he go to hear the music or to conduct social experiments?


  • brooklynchick

    first!!! yesssssssssss he’s a damn liar!!1

  • Ms. Dee (The All Powerful 1)

    Idiot indeed. I guess he wasn’t getting enough attention, so he had to say something to “stir the pot”. This man (if you want to call him that) is a BUFFOON!!! It’s almost as if he fell asleep in 1950 and woke up in 2007 and is discovering the black race for the first time. Those in the white community should be ashamed of him for making their race look so asinine. Where’s the outrage from Al Sharpton and the rest of “our” talking heads?

  • Free

    He got a taste of his own medicine. O’Reilly picks over other people’s statements all the time. Now it’s being done to him.

  • bee

    Please stop giving this man a second thought. It is time for us to stop caring about what they think about us. If this idiot and other idiots like him get fascinated because black people know how to eat at a restaurant it just shows their intelligent level.

    You have to remember these people were brought with black maids and nannys and as far as they are concern in their sick minds black people will always be less than them.

    I guarantee if you start ignoring them and just act like they don’t even exist then you will find that articles like this will become less and less important. And we can get back to important things.

    He has a problem with young black men being successful like most caucasion men. He just does not hide his. I am not particularly fond of their music but I will not ever take his side over theirs.

    I think we give caucasions way to much importance in our lives. Stop it now.

  • Darth Paul

    How white of him. Pity he can’t view his own ignorance through his self-righteousness.

  • BB

    Note how he stated “there is no difference between white and black anymore.” Has there ever been a difference between us? I guess there once was! My bad O’Slimey

  • daria

    “I couldn’t get over the fact that there was no difference.”

    What exactly is the nice way to interpret this? That black people aren’t the dangerous people you thought us to be for your whole life.

    Let’s see an example:

    “I couldn’t get over how good X was” = I did not expect X to be that good. The constant repeated references to hip hop just angers me. When in the world did hip hop become all of black culture? He went to an Anita Baker concert so clearly, it’s not like he’s not aware that black people do more than rap. And then in reference to the black people at the Anita Baker concert, he made sure to state how well they were dressed. There is no reason for such ignorant things to come out of the mouth of any American in this day and age.

  • nahnah

    In 2003, O’reilly accused a bunch of black 8th graders who were scheduled to perform at this event he was attending of “stealing his hubcaps”. He claimed they were not running late but instead was outside busting in his and his other white colleagues cars.

    On serveral occasions, he’s referred to Mexicans as ‘wetbacks’.

    He claimed the ugliest women are in Islamic countries.

    He claimed Africa as a continent is inheritantly nasty and will never catch up to the west no matter how much sense is knocked into “those” people.

    He was referring to a group of black students when he said ” they come out of school and can’t speak an ounce of enlish”.

    He repeatedly claimed drugs, infedility, family break-ups are a black thing.

    And he’s not a racist? Why are racists always trying to defend themselves?

  • OMG

    I swear this sh*t is so tired and old. the double standards in this society are rediculous. there is a BIG difference between black and white, and black and asian and black and latin. Black folks are the ONLY people allowed to talk about other races. Black people are the ONLY ones who are allowed to say that Black folks can be ignorant. Black folks are the ONLY ones who dont realize that Black folks have turned into prejudiced people themselves who LOVE to stereotype everyone and get away with it.

  • Bahama Mama

    oh damn….i am soooo tired of this fool!! someone needs to drop in off in the hood, they will show him how balck ppl act….

    I wonder why he ain’t go to Roscoe’s chicken N waffles, he would have gotten a cap in his pasty hip……

  • John

    I think Bill is full of himself. His remarks showed that he think whites are better than blacks and he was surprised to find blacks being civilized in public

  • nahnah

    Rap music/rappers have only been around for a couple of decades. Black stereotypes have been around for as long as I can remember. And I think he know that, since his parents were obviously unfavorable of blacks as he’s admitted.

    Nobody misinterpreted his words. For those who want to see it, the “white racists” he was referring to included himself.

    And I’m not going by this conversation alone – but by his previous comments regarding blacks and other ethnic groups.

  • washer1

    Bill O’Reilly can’t help but say something stupid. His show caters to Whites who have little to no contact with the Black community. In trying to explain (through his experience) that all Blacks don’t look or act like the fools seen in those Rap/Hip Hop Videos… he put his footin his mouth. Hope Sylvia’s picks up additional business from this fool’s comments.

  • Bahama Mama

    I guess i could say i went to the local piggly wiggley in arkansas, and all the white ppl, didn’t have on white sheets and making noose’s waiting to go set a black family’s lawn on fire??

  • Marcus

    I listened to the entire hour, and it is hard to believe that some are claiming racism. We as African Americans need to learn that if we cry wolf at every word or phrase we disagree with, sooner or later serious claims of racism will be dismissed as the “same old false cries”. And in the instant case, it makes us look foolish and uneducated to cry racism over well intended debate.

  • Hiphopisgarbage

    It’s all about images. When you think of young black people nowadays the picture that pops in your head is that of a buffoon and a thug (thanks to hip hop).

  • Bahama Mama


    no, when i think of young black ppl, a buffoon does not pop into my head. But when i think about stupid white ppl. BIll O’reily pops into my head…I hate when people start to blame hip hop or music in general for all the world’s woes….every1 is brought up knowing right from wrong and if u choose to go wrong that’s on YOU not hip hop

  • MsOpposite

    he doesn’t get out much apparently.

  • nahnah


    Are you familiar with O’reilly? I use to listen to him all the time and never agreed with 99% of the stuff that comes out his mouth. But the only reason why I turned to him was to get a feel of what another side, other than my side, was saying, thinking, and feeling.

    I think overall, Mr. O’reilly is a racist who, for the most part, knows how to word his thoughts, and as a result, fool a lot of people.

  • Yes I Said It

    I’m going to give Bill the benefit of the doubt on this one. People can always take someone’s words out of context if they want to do so, or if they just dont like the person making the comments.

    So I know a lof of black folk will jump on these remarks, but in context I can see how this could have been an innocent remark that can me made into a racist thing.

  • NoWAY

    You called it. He is a racist and an asshole. He thinks he sounds smart when he throws jabs but when the powers that be get sick of him, he will be in the gutter.

  • awake

    Cosign: BB

    Note how he stated “there is no difference between white and black anymore.” Has there ever been a difference between us? I guess there once was! My bad O’Slimey

    He is so f’in tired. His show is on the most racist, most Republican minded network out there and he speaks for a huge percentage of White America. I hate to say that and I’m sure someone is going to jump on that, but oh well. He is ignorant through and through. He was “surprised”???? What did he expect? The most ignorant thug selling drugs on a corner probably has more class in his pinky than Mr. O’Reilly. It kind of burns me up because people watch him, listen to him, and believe him. He is exposed to intelligent, articulate people of all races everyday and is still spouting stupid ish…

  • nahnah

    All you brainwashed fools who believe in this fool, listen to his explanation on why many of the Katrina victims didn’t evacuate.

    He completely dismised the fact that many of the poor had no where to go, and accused them of being “thugs” who didn’t want to leave their “crack” behind.

    I guess O’reilly had to say the ‘n’ word to be qualified as a racist.

  • TheWonderfulOne

    I know this is a little off the subject.

    But view this link and tell me racism is not still going on everywhere.

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