Weirdos Need Love Too

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The National Enquirer is reporting that Michael Jackson is married to Prince, Paris, and Blanket’s nanny 40 year-old Grace Rwaramba. Jacko and Grace got hitched in Vegas earlier this year.

This is way off topic, but Michael’s hair be on point. His hair looks better than most broads in the industry. He needs to hook Britney up with his hair stylist’s contact info, stat.

Spotted @ Dlisted

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  • I Stay SMH

    Michael hair be what?

  • SW10

    leave my michael alone he aint no weirdo i luv him cant wait 4 his comeback and yeah his hair looks better than some female celebs i c 2day. if he is happy with that nanny of his then im happy 4 him.

  • Lady Architect

    congrats to him

  • ATLlady


    Yea he has on a Fly Azz Lace Front.. his hair is still Niggerish and Nappy underneath all that 😉 what up Drock..

  • Here we go again

    lol thats my dude though!

  • tmae

    Lace fronts- gotta love ’em

  • Lili

    MAAAAAAAAAAAAAN…Micheal’s been rocking the LACE-FRONTs before ppl knew what they were!

  • MsOpposite
  • Van


    Van Tokyo, Japan

  • nono

    is he really married? how come there was no reports on this

  • NoWAY

    Can I have Mikes hair stylists #. His hair is fly.

  • loveyoulongtyme

    Yeah, his hair game is FIYAH! And not all his hairstyles are wigs. Some of them are weaves as well. But he gets a pass on the fake hair. People forget that MJ suffered 3rd degree burns to his head during that pepsi commercial. Growing his on hair back wasn’t even an option. But whatever the case may be, he needs to give some hair tips to some of these chicks in the game. Tyra and Beyonce take note: That is how you wear a lacefront.

  • Pamalicious

    Well they have been saying that since last year. If they got married in Vegas it’s easy to see if a license is on file. I got married in Vegas. When you put her name in Records – she’s still married to her previous husband of 11 years. So unless they got married somewhere else and thus the divorce took place – it wasn’t Vegas.

  • loveyoulongtyme

    Yeah, I’m really gonna need him to hook britney up with a new do. I just scrolled down and saw a recent picture of her and she gotta do better!

  • It'smesuprise

    yay, michael’s looking healthier these day, best pics i’ve seen in a while….I’ll always love you Mike!!!

  • 504okaay

    i see ya mikey, sporting that “pepa” nose lol

  • Roni

    I read that he wears wigs.

  • Bird

    I wonder if they’ve done the nasty. I love me some Mike, but just assumed that his peetie don’t get hard.

  • sdedee

    THANK YOU Loveyoulongtyme,

    It seems as everyone forget these events and makes like the man just says ” Hey lets trying wearing wigs for fun.” Leave this musical genius alone!!! He asked you one time!

  • sdedee

    no ing on try, sorry

  • Sholla

    Aww… He still has the same angel eyes he did when he was a kid. Always loved that man so much.

    I just hope he didn’t do it.

    If these wedding rumours are true, at least we won’t hear about him only marrying white women any more. Go Mikey.

  • Mz Asia


    He needs to stop playing and come home to the woman who truly loves him… MEEEEEE

  • keltharocka

    I have a love/hate relationship with MJ, one minute I hate him for doing something stupid and the next I’m listening to one of his old songs.

    But I do kinda like thoes Vogue pics of him.

  • bcan

    MJ keeps his “do” fresh. Even his Jeri was on point back in day. Not wet-just a tad bit so it will appear natural! Do it Mike!

  • Kat

    I love Mike. I hope he has his comeback soon. All the weirdo/jacko talk makes me really sad. I have crazy love for that man.

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