Britney Continues to Rock Swap Meet Hair

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

Wow, for someone who seems to get a fresh weave every few days, Britney Spears still manages to maintain her sloppy look–stained shirt and all. Seriously, what is really going on with this chick, she be buggin, real talk.

View more pics and a video of her allowing paparazzi to join her in the Quizno’s bathroom right about now…

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  • I Stay SMH


  • Bruhmann

    Rich trailer park trash.

  • NAIS

    Dont come down on the swap meet dwellers. Ive sen chicks coming out of Compton Swapmeet with their weaves lookin a lil tighter than this- now, I have seen this stringy mess at the 99 cents store

  • MsOpposite

    what is going on with her? She really does need Jesus to take the wheel.

  • nono

    lets pray for her…coz clearly no one cares about her no more.

  • candi

    why can’t she get her hair straight damn. or wear a hat or something. i know it’s some females that can hook up a tight weave game for her.

  • Angie

    Why is that you never see her without some sort of stain on her shirt or dress? What a mess.

    My BF was showing me pictures of her from five years ago when she was “the s*&^” according to him. He never liked her music, but though she was really hot. I look at those pictures and it makes me feel sorry for her. She peaked at 22.

  • cutie pie

    omg a white girl that wears weave. i cannot believe its a weave. so white girls wear fake hair also, i never knew that hum……..

  • loveyoulongtyme

    sadly, this is an upgrade.

  • Senator Craig

    Dang it boy – is it me or does she look like Rosie O’Donnell in that pic?

  • Lainy

    Britt is really scarring me. She is starting to turn into an Anna Nicole. Why isn’t anyone trying to come to her rescue? Lock her in the house or something. Each photo of her gets worse and worse. Maybe she will disappear and resurface and do adds for Trim Spa. Doesn’t she read any of this stuff???

  • anonomous44

    it look like she dyed her extensions poorly in the last thumbnail she is such a wreck!

  • helltothanaw

    All I’ve got to say is… H.A.M!!!

  • The Real Essence 1

    what’s with the fake blue contacts I witnessed a dark skinned brotha with the same madness today! Brit’s crazy arse been known to come out with just one contact in her eye- this trick is so 7:30 I’m tired of hearing about her lunacy.

    She’ll soon wind up like Anna Nicole & Marilyn Monroe

  • Reformed GammaRay

    She can’t get NObody that know anybody from the hood or anywhere that can atleast do a decent sew in? cmon she got enough hair to blend…cmon that’s unacceptable stylists all over the world should be burnin themseleves with they ceramics for this..

  • daria

    Damn. She took it back to the trailer with this one. The blue contacts…LMAO

  • JillyBean819


  • Sholla

    My goodness. Can’t she just stay out of sight for one week.

    She should be chilling somewhere trying to get her life back. That come back is never gonna happen if crazy pictures of her keep popping everywhere everyday.

    Brit, go see a shrink, a trainer, a hair dresser, a make up artist, a stylist and then come back when you look presentable and act normal.

  • bcan

    Sholla..say that one more time. Brittney needs Jesus..Only he can fix this problem..Can I get an AMEN?

  • wildwayne

    Did u see all that dam papparazzi harrassing her every move? They are sick individuals to follow someone to bathroom! I believe britney has a bipolar disorder or a manic condition. I’m no expert but her movements and delusional behavior seem to indicate that.

  • http://gravatar_id=bcade373ec9236823eb0b3d345bc6def 1TruDiva w/ The PlatinumVocals

    I know Britney’s checkin’ for me!

    Happy Birthday to me! Lol!!!

  • Life

    “Dang it boy – is it me or does she look like Rosie O’Donnell in that pic?”

    If you watch Nip n Tuck’s 4th season, you’d think Rosie O looks a like a Britney!!!

  • kesha

    Pleeze leave her alone!!!!!!!!!

  • Sammybear

    Whats up with the busted Fusion Weave….. I know she payed whoever did it 3K or more…. and it looks ridiculous! I could have done much better. Get at me Brittany!

  • camcam781


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