Hi Hater: Anti-Obama Group Releases Names And Phones Numbers Of His Celebrity Campaign Donors

- By Bossip Staff

Anti-Obama Group Release Names And Numbers Of Celebrity Campaign Donors

All these political shots being fired back and forth are getting a lil old…

Grassfire Nation, an anti-Obama group, emailed its supporters with the telephone numbers of a number of Hollywood figures on Friday. The message was also posted on the group’s website with the numbers redacted.

“A pro-Obama Super PAC funded almost exclusively by leftist and Hollywood elites like Bill Maher ($1 million), Morgan Freeman ($1 million) Jeffrey Katzenberg ($2 million), Steven Spielberg ($100,000), JJ Abrams ($50,000) is responsible for a false and likely illegal attack ad on Mitt Romney,” the blast begins.

The ad in question tells the story of a woman who died of cancer and suggests that, had she not been laid off by Romney’s Bain Capital, she would have lived. CNN fact-checked the ad and found it to be inaccurate. The Romney campaign has disputed the spot’s accuracy and disparaged the Obama campaign for not denouncing it.

According to Buzzfeed, the email version included a total of nine numbers, which were for the agents and organizations which represent the Hollywood figures. One “Hollywood exec” told that news site that “three or four” calls had come into his company’s switchboard.

Wonder what they’ll think of next.

Do you think the candidates are focusing too much on smear campaigns and not enough on their individual platforms?


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