Mike Vick Spent Millions Before Lockdown

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

Reports from Livesteez are saying that Vick spent a grip before being locked up, lets not even talk about the about the lawyer fees:

The day he went to jail, Michael Vick bought a $99,000 Mercedes. He cashed four checks that totaled $24,900. He gave $28,000 to the mother of his oldest child. He paid a public relations firm $23,000 and gave a friend $16,000. Altogether on Nov. 19, 2007, Vick spent $201,840. But for the former Atlanta Falcons quarterback, the day was most remarkable for how it ended: behind bars, beginning what would be a nearly two-year sentence in a notorious dogfighting case. The day’s spending, in fact, was but a small part of the $18.2 million that flew out of Vick’s hands from 2006 to 2008, according to documents filed recently in U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Norfolk, Va. Nearing the end of his time in federal prison, Vick, 28, is seeking the court’s protection from his creditors. They are particularly interested in his increased spending in the three months before he reported for jail. The documents provide a detailed look at the privileged lifestyle of an athlete who rarely offered more than a glimpse of himself off the playing field. They show how Vick, who grew up poor in Newport News, Va., bought houses and cars, farms and horses, boats and jewelry, all at the height of a spectacular career that shattered after he was identified as the key figure in an illegal dogfighting ring.

Vick was into investments, although spending endless dummy-money on dummy items. He will still be paid once he gets out, we just pray the boy makes the right decisions this time and has learned his lesson.


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  • Detroit All Day!

    All that money could gone towards the cure for AIDS, that’s mind blowing!

  • Mock Rock Stardust(Mock Rock says Ima Ima a Diva)

    Though I really don’t care for Mike I hate the racist ass cracker who live in Georgia…putting that dumb dude in jail for such a stupid crime

  • Betterdayz

    Oh please Vick doesn’t have to drop his money off to charity because he is going to prison. How he choses to spend his money is his perogative.

    I applaud him for giving his childs mother money before he went to prison.

    This witch hunt on Michael Vick is irritating. Their are crimes being committed far worse than his dogfighting. You would of thought he was Hitler as much as they like to vilify this man.

  • Somer

    I can’t wait for the movie. I want to see this fools life played out on the big screen. I have never in life seen a nicca rise & fall so fast without the help of drugs, alcohol or white women. That’s when you know a nicca was just plain IGGGGGGGGGNET!


    LOOK im tired of this bullsht…

    MIKE you should know you can kill anything else but they dogs, ANYTHING BUT DOGS…

  • Fangbanger aka Sookie

    um, there IS a term for this…. ni$$a rich.

    duh, y’all knew that.

  • Bringthanoize

    We got Bush killing people all over the globe and dogfighting gets a brother locked up?

    Hopefully he will come out smarter.

  • kahmmillion

    Fraudulent transfers….Hey, Vick, hit my firm up that bankruptcy case is going to be off the chains. The Trustee is going to recover all of that money you tried to stash. Your home and cars are going to be actioned off and whoever you gave cash to is going to get sued in order to recover that money.

  • Mo Diggs

    Why are his knuckles so black???

  • KK

    I’m confused. Did the dogs chew on his knuckles? Why the hell are his knuckles so dam black?

  • http://Afo.net Britt


  • Toni Montana

    that crap should be illegal. spend millions u know u aint got and then file chapter 7? at least the child is taken care of. smh.



  • deesac

    Why you think all of a sudden you here all this mess about how much Vick spent before going to jail. People realize this is how dirty the media and people can be they are trying to get Vick on taxes and sue him for more money the man did his time and they still want to destory him. This is exactly why America is in the trouble that we are in now. Go rob some of those big CEO at GM FORD CHRYSLER who have been robbing the system for ages

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