Florida Crazies: Epitome Of A Bad Mom And Adult Son Caught Stealing Millions From Toys’RUs Stores!

- By Bossip Staff

Is it just us or has this Recession got people coming up with the craziest scams?A Mother/son duo got busted like a mug…for stealing over $2 million worth of toys and games from Toys R Us’ around the country!

Michael and Margaret Pollara visited 139 Toys R Us in 27 states, including California, Hawaii and New York, buying nearly $7,000 worth of small-ticket items to fuel their scam, according to the affidavit. Authorities were able to track Michael Pollara’s purchases across the country because he used a Toys R Us rewards card for all of his purchases.

Authorities said the Pollaras trolled stores looking for inexpensive toys that came in large boxes. They then emptied out the contents and filled the large box with more expensive toys, including $150 Lego sets and Leapster Pads, worth $99 apiece. The pair would hide the cheap contents somewhere around the store and pay for the inexpensive large box filled with more expensive goodies. Seventy-year-old Margaret Pollara often worked as a lookout, according to the arrest report.

Authorities tracked the two for months, watching them allegedly steal from various stores around the state and later ship packages filled with toys. Michael Pollara, 46, had more than $900,000 in eBay and PayPal accounts, according to the report.

An employee from a Southern Florida store reported a number of Lego sets had gone missing in one single day and tipped the police. Using his rewards card account number, police were able to find the two thieves.

We don’t know what’s funnier; the fact that this fool used his rewards card for each purchase or that he just left all that money sitting in his PayPal account??

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