Body Found by Missing Chicago Woman’s Vehicle

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Via Chicago Tribune:

The body of a woman was found this morning in an area of Calumet City where police have been searching for Nailah Franklin, a Chicago woman missing for about a week. Patrol officers found an unclothed body early this morning behind several vacant businesses at River Oaks Drive and Gold Coast Lane, near the Wentworth Woods Forest Preserve. Dozens of investigators with Calumet City police, Chicago police and the Cook County medical examiner’s office were on the scene this morning. The identity of the woman was not being released, but several of Franklin’s relatives were on the scene awaiting word.

Dwayne Johnson, Franklin’s uncle, said the entire family was in prayer right now.”We’re still on our knees. We’re hoping that body is not Nailah, but it’s somebody we need to pray for; this is somebody’s loved one.”

Franklin, a pharmaceuticals representative who lived in Chicago’s University Village near the University of Illinois at Chicago campus, had filed a police report about threatening phone calls she received from a man she dated briefly. Since her disappearance, family members have been papering the city with fliers. Her family also offered a $10,000 reward for information on her whereabouts and set up a Web site aimed at generating leads.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to her family and hope the body found is not Nailah Franklin’s.

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  • Bird

    I was really hoping for the best in this situation. Her family described as such a cool person. I actually wondered if she ever blogged based on their description of her. This is really sad.

  • Crystal

    I am from Chicago and this story is so sad. I am very familiar with all the areas she was in its so sad. My prayers also go out to her family and may they find the creep who did this. Such a beautiful young lady

  • Dawn

    My heart breaks for this beautiful, promising accomplished woman. I know the last hour of her life were horrific. May her soul be with God.

  • Sad

    I saw a missing person flyer of her yesterday at my gym here in Chicago. My heart goes out to her and her friends and family.

  • Frank Waters

    I typically ignore these horrific crime stories in the news but this time, seeing how beautiful this young woman was, I really feel terrible. How cruel and depraved the world is to have something so heinous happen. My heart goes out to her family.

  • Dr. Heather

    I will be praying for her and for her family…

    And I hope that whoever did this pays for his crime.

  • Seghana

    May God bless and strengthen the family.

  • Harlem World

    To think of how this young woman was intelligent and doing so many positive things, I feel sad about this entire situation. I hope they can put this case to rest soon, whether they find her dead or alive… it must be torture on the family.

    Now, to play devil’s advocate for a moment… what if she was one of those uppity broads trying to play like 8 negroes for the fool and she was messin’ with the wrong one and got caught out there… happens all the time in my hood!

  • I Stay SMH

    i was hoping they would find her…but not like that


  • Royal Chocolate

    Associate Press just confirmed that the body is that of this missing Chicago woman. My thoughts and prayers go out to her family and friends. My feverent prayer is that whoever did this is quickly brought to justice.

  • D Franklin

    Extended prayers to the family. Nothing can validate the evil behind this, I too hope the person if found and given due punishment. Another angel gone home. She’s beautiful young lady.


    Its always so sad to hear about something so tragic like this. My prayers are her family and may God have mercy on the coward who did this. I live in Oakland Ca and it seems like there is a tragedy every minute when are people going to start treating life as the beauty that it is?

  • mia

    I live in Houston but I have been following this case ever since I heard about it. I was very relieved that this case was getting the media attention that most missing African American women don’t usually recieve. I read an article where her sister said that she felt that Nailah was still alive but in distress. I pray for this whole situation.

  • Bird

    You know that crazy dude she used to date did it. Check this out ladies, if you see even a hint of weirdo in some dude you are dating ditch his ass wit the quick. If he doesn’t take the hint KILL HIS ASS. I think we’d all rather do a bid than end up like this.

  • TrueTarheel

    What awful news to hear, I was really hoping the best for this case. I am glad to see there was news coverage on this story, certainly not what a white woman would receive if she went missing, but still its better than it has been.

    I always say that if you only watched the news, you would think black folks never went missing, got abducted etc. It’s unfortunate that the news-worthy stories are those for white kids and women.

    I told my family, if ever go missing, put that story on every news channel that will take it.

  • Yeah


  • elle

    I am so sorry to hear this, my prayers go out to the Family.

    so sad 😦

  • elle

    I really hope they catch the bastard!!!!!!

  • Crystal

    I really can’t wait to hear exactly how she died. I know they said she was found unclothed so im sure the nasty bastard had sex with her first…..this is extremely sad. My prayers really goes out to this family. They said that she texted her sis, aunt and boyfriend that she would call them once done with dinner. So i dont know if this was someone she was talking to, dating also or what. But they said the guy they she was about to issue a Order of Protection on said he was willing to take lie detector test so maybe he had someone do it….no matter what sad story.

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  • JerseyBred

    We live in a really sick world. RIP & condolences to her fam. *SMH*

  • Bahiyah 18

    this is such a sad story i was really hoping she would be found unharm even though i dont know here my prayers are really out to her family

  • Fab One

    I live in Chicago, and even though I didn’t personally know Nailah, we have a lot of friends in common. This hits home really hard, it’s been the top news story since she came up missing. I have been crying all morning since they determined the body was hers. My prayers go out to the Franklin family.

    And I agree, us ladies need to be more careful with whom with associate.

  • Maya

    My prayers are with her family, friends, and loved ones…

  • Monk


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