Stay Smearin’: Money Mitt Romney Calls Obama’s Campaign “Dirty, Deceitful, Dishonest, Distorted, Disappointing, Deceptive, And Diminishing”

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Mitt Romney Calls Barack Obama’s Campaign Dirty And Deceitful

Damn, we didn’t even know Mitt Moneybag$$ had so many “D” words in his vocabulary (other than douchebag):

Mitt Romney returned to the campaign trail in this critical swing state Monday morning without his new running mate, but armed with new rhetoric accusing President Obama of running a dishonest campaign meant to deceive the American people. “With a record, which has been as disappointing as the record that he’s demonstrated over the past four years, the president’s campaign has resorted to a very unusual tactic,” Romney said. “It’s smear. It’s dirt. It’s distortion. It’s deception. it’s dishonesty. It diminishes the– it diminishes the office of the presidency itself.”

With those remarks, Romney may have been pre-butting Democratic attacks on his running mate, Congressman Paul Ryan of Wisconsin. Ryan’s Medicare overhaul plan would turn Medicare into a voucher or “premium support” program for those that would qualify for Medicare in 10 years (those 55 and younger). The plan would cap the amount that can be spent, prompting critics to say it would likely shift the burden, or the rest of the cost, to seniors.

“I know there are people around the world who are always critical of America, have something negative to say, say our greatest days are in the past. Baloney,” Romney said. “We just won more Olympic medals than any other nation on Earth. We also just, we just landed on Mars and took a good look at what’s going on there. And I know the Chinese are planning on going to the moon, and I hope they have a good experience doing that, and I hope they stop in and take a look at our flag that was put there 43 years ago!”

Romney has been critical of President Obama on space. At an NBC debate in Tampa during the GOP primary he said space should be a “priority.” But he didn’t specify how much he would spend, whether he would increase or decrease NASA’s budget, but instead called for a “collaborative” effort between government, commercial enterprise, and universities.

Does Mitt have a point, or should he just STFU?!?


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