Got Blow? Money Mitt Romney Holds Event At Miami Juice Stand Owned By Convicted Yayo Trafficker!

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Mitt Romney is down with the M-I-Yayo connection!

AP reported that Romney appeared at El Palacio de los Jugos, which is owned by Reinaldo Bermudez who pleaded guilty to one count of conspiracy to distribute yayo in 1999 and served three years in federal prison, according to court records.

Bermudez told the Miami New Times that the was thoroughly vetted by the Secret Service when the Romney campaign asked to use his fresh fruit and vegetable stand and they had informed him that they knew all about his criminal record.

“Here in Miami there are a lot people with money who have had problems with the law,” Bermudez said. “Thankfully, we all have the opportunity in this country to re-enter society when we’ve done something wrong.”

In November 1997, Bermudez was ID-ed by law enforcement as one of 12 suspect accused in a Colombian drug smuggling operation. He was later arrested after a seven-month investigation led by a combined taskforce of FBI agents and U.S. Customs and Border Protection.

The largest seizure was at Port Everglades, where agents impounded 2,304 pounds of blow stashed in soap imported from Venezuela.

Authorities became aware of the yayo shipments through court-authorized wiretaps on four of the suspects’ home, office and cellular telephones.

Appearing with Romney at the Presidential campaign whistle-stop was Sen. Marco Rubio.

Both politicos handed out free juices to an overly excited crowd after making pithy remarks destined for sound bites.

Romney aides said the Presidential contender was filming a campaign ad at the juice shop.

Interesting how if it’s Mitt Romney doing something like this he’s giving someone an opportunity to re-enter society, but if it was Obama, you know Faux News would have all of their talking heads in an uproar about his “druggie friends” or saying he’s a poor judge of character, yadda yadda. GTFOH!

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