True Or False: Is Kanye Salty After Discovering Kimmy Cakes Got Chopped Down For The Very First Time By TJ Jackson?

- By Bossip Staff

Kanye West Upset Kim Kardashian Offered First Love TJ Jackson Help With Michael’s Kids

Is Kim Kardashian’s past starting to put a damper on her relationship with Kanye West? Rumor has it the hip-hop star is heated his “Perfect B!tch” reached out to her first love TJ Jackson to offer help with his new parental guardianship of Michael Jackson’s kids:

As the Jackson Family Feud erupted into scandalous headlines, the world was suddenly introduced to a lesser-known member of that koo-koo klan: TJ JACKSON, son of MICHAEL JACKSON’s brother TITO, now famous because the court named him co-guardian of MJ’s kids – PRINCE MICHAEL, PARIS and BLANKET – with grandma KATHERINE JACKSON.

Here’s Kicker No. 1: Turns out TJ’s actually that “mystery” boyfriend KIM KARDASHIAN told OPRAH about when she admitted taking birth control pills at the tender age of 14 – so he could take her virginity!

Now here’s Kicker No. 2: Kim phoned old friend/teen-throb TJ, now a married father of three, to tell him she’d help out any way she could with his “new kids” – but that touched off the hair-trigger temper of Special K’s thug/lover KANYE WEST, who fears his big-bootied cutie might rekindle the flames of hot teen love!

Revealed a close friend: “Kanye’s boiling! He told Kim to stay a million miles away from that crazy family, and not to get caught up in their drama – because he won’t stand for it! But his reaction’s made Kim apprehensive. Friends think that more and more, she sees that Kanye wants her at his constant beck and call – because he wants to shrink her life outside of their relationship!”

There’s been a whole legion of ninjas to touch Kimmy’s cakes since TJ chopped that thang down for the first time so we can’t really see what Kanye is mad at.

At the same time, Kim we’re pretty sure if a judge gave TJ guardianship he doesn’t need help from you. Just keep your attention sloring habits away from the Jackson family. We’re sure TJ gave you more than enough attention back in the day!


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