For Discussion: Mattel Introduces ‘Drag Queen’ Barbie – Would You Buy This For Your Child?

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Matel Introduces ‘Drag Queen’ Barbie

With election season in full swing and the controversial issue of gay rights a hot topic in the cut-throat debate arena, everyone from the fast food industry to the music industry and every where in between is chiming in with their two-cents.

The latest group to put their hand in the pot is leading doll manufacturer company Mattel, who recently introduced the world to the first ever ‘Drag Queen Barbie.’

Just when you thought Barbie played her final role as a heartbroken housewife cheated on by Ken with another man, the Barbie doll takes on its latest character — a drag queen.

The drag doll named “Blond Diamond Barbie” is loosely based off the image of The Blonds’ designer Phillipe Blond, who likes to throw on a fabulous party dress every once in a while.

The doll comes equipped with a gorgeous sparkly bejeweled cocktail dress, blinged out jewelry, and a white faux-fur coat. Finishing off the dramatic look is long wavy platinum blonde hair and full voluminous lashes. The gender bender doll does not come with an Adam’s apple or mysterious bulge but it does embody the glamorousness of a fierce drag queen.

Would you buy this Barbie for your child? Or has Mattel taken it a step too far?


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