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American Idol wants Nicki on their panel of judges, but we wonder if she’s even interested in taking the spot…and if there’s enough room for her AND Mariah at the table?

Idol’s hit a roadblock with Coca-Cola though and there’s a new fight between one of the shows main partners and Pepsi.

According to a source with close ties to the show, longtime rivals Coke and Pepsi are at war again — but not about market share, rather over hitmaker Nicki Minaj. The rapper and singer, whose colorful, cartoon-like style has made her among the most successful new acts of the past three years, is at the top of the list for the open seat on season 12 of Idol. But as the new face of Pepsi, an endorsement deal that includes commercials along with touring and album promo, Idol sponsor Coke is none too thrilled at the prospect. The leading soda company has been an Idol partner since season one, at a cost of $26 million per year, according to reports. The show ran into a similar problem when longtime sponsor Ford got wind of judge Jennifer Lopez’s commercial deal with Fiat.

If Fox and FremantleMedia execs have their way, this year’s panel would consist of Minaj, previously announced judge Mariah Carey, a country star (the leading candidate is Keith Urban, says an insider) and a Latin artist (Enrique Iglesias is believed to be the No. 1 choice). In March, Minaj showed genuine empathy toward those who compete on Idol, telling THR special correspondent and Idol alum Didi Benami: “It’s very difficult to be picked apart. That rejection thing is heavy.”

If Pepsi and Coca-Cola can sort their isht out, we might get to see Nicki sittin’ up there alongside MiMi…and we can’t argue that it wouldn’t be fun(ny) to watch the two of them and their ego’s.

What do you think? Should Nicki be a judge on Idol?

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