Common Does The Robot….and Kerry Washington?

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

Common was a late bloomer. Kerry Washington, with all that giggling in the background, seems to know that. We don’t see or hear Serena at all and this video looks very quaint. Is the Common/Serena saga over? We remember when Common told us, “His first love is Hip-Hop”.

Looks like he’s got a love for something someone else as well. I’m sure Kerry will be the first person cop his new cd, Universal Mind Control, which dropped today.

View a few pics of Common’s newly launched line of T-Shirts with Microsoft when you pop the…

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  • Aunt Viv

    I heard Common and Serena broke up-I hope it’s not true…

  • iluvprada

    @ Aunt Viv…I think it is.

  • Wouldn't you like to know

    Love Common!

  • Sawyer

    Now here is an artist whose album I will buy!

    And if he’s smashing K Washington then great for him. He probably wanted to know what it was like to be with a women and not a roid up centurion anyway…Good move bro!

  • Kenya West

    COMMON SUCKS AS A RAPPER! GIVE IT UP! NAME ONE COMMON SONG? stick to trying to act… TRYING! bald ass…

  • pm

    Kerry is an upgrade from ol muscle booty sorry to say it

  • Aunt Viv

    Thanks Prada!

  • BE

    I don’t think he is doing the Robot but “popping” judging from the music also.

  • kevin

    How are we sure that was really Kerry Washington. Could just be some other swirl-loving sista

  • shar


    “… He probably wanted to know what it was like to be with a women and not a roid up centurion anyway…Good move bro!

  • WOW

    Is that Kerry?? I couldn’t tell. I love Kerry and Common. COOL

  • darealwifey

    I loved Common and Serena as a couple, but I think Common was enjoying how tall Serena’s cash was for awhile. I just read that she dropped out of her next tournament because of an “injury.” I bet she is distraught over this relationship.

  • Southern L.A. Gal

    @ Kenya West
    I love Common and Common is the bomb. Are you a kanya west lover, whom I am disgust with as an artist.
    I am sorry to hear that about Common and Ren… I think Common need a simply chick. That likes him for him. Like me.

  • NO ID

    watch out kerry, once you go black….

  • BabyDoll

    AOOOOOW Common!

    Can’t tell if it is Kerry, but if it is they were already friends anyway. And who’s to say that isn’t Serena operating the camera???


  • Zoe

    @ Kenya West

    Common Songs:
    Come Close, Be, Go, I Used to Love H.E.R., Love of My Life, The People. Just to name a few.

  • LurkerGal

    * You can’t even tell if that’s indeed Kerri Washington. And even if it is, what does that prove, really? Someone else was clearly there holding the camera while Common clowned. Apparently, it was a party-in-the-making or something. Much ado about nothing.

    * They are friends, after all. I know that she was in his “I Want You” video. Kept wondering why he wasn’t jamming to that one instead. LOL.

    * I’m just surprised that if that is indeed his apartment, that he can’t afford, or it just doesn’t have more higher-end, stainless steel kitchen appliances like they have on my decorating/designer shows on HGTV. Everyone knows that stainless steel is where it’s at in home design and renovation — not white !!! LOL

  • Kigali (Check out Shahrazad Ali on You Tube)

    I am sorry, Kerry Washington is cute but there is something up with her mouth. I am not sure if it is her lips or her teeth. She is mad cute though.

    Serena…? Well lets just say, I hope Common didnt feel like a homosexual when he was hiting that from the back.


    I thought the video that Keri produced for Common was suspicious, considering she was the head liner. Anyway when I saw Keri and Common in an interview together it seems only the two of them existed. I just realized that Serena is only 25. He was too old for her anyway. Common has to be at least thirty five , seem as though Common was dominating little, strong, Serena. Hopefully she knows that it gets greater later and that the best is yet to come…

  • huss

    Kenya West

    I agree. As of late Common has seriously fallen off but he’s still dope.

    He’s a real MC w/ a message and some serious intellect.

    Please check 2 of his Best albums. IN MY Opinion

    ‘Resurrection’ & ‘like water for chocolate’

    On Resurrection listen to ‘Book of life’ ‘Resurrection’ & ‘Pineapple’ & ‘I use to love her’ The album is seriously a classic.

    On ‘like water’: Just play the whole CD.. It’s a banger

    Also check ‘the bizness’ on De La souls ‘stakes is high album’
    Common really set off on that track.

  • Wenzel Dashington

    Hey stupid, The Williams sisters signed a $40 million shoe deal five years ago. The interest alone makes them wealthy. Read Wikipedia before your break up with the next supertar athlete. Good luck on the T-shirts and the actress.

  • OhLaLa

    Well I hope this isnt true. Ive met Kerry Washington and she has a nasty ass attitude! GO BACK TO SERENA COMMON!!

  • chaka1

    I hope that ain’t Common’s house

  • Mrs. Rance

    I read somewhere that Common and Serena broke up. Not that they have ever confirmed being a couple anyway. Furthermore, who said that was Kerry Washington? I can’t see who it is.

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