For Discussion: Is The 2012 Presidential Campaign Smearing Increasing Racial Tension Among Americans?

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Is The Presidential Campaign Smearing Increasing Racial Tension In America?

The 2012 Presidential Campaign has gotten pretty ugly over the last couple of months, and with the general election nearing, many feel that things will only get worse.

While campaign smearing is common during an election season, both political analysts and the general public have taken notice of the fact that the Romney-Obama smear tactics have gone above and beyond the norm……and have often hit way below the belt.

Coincidentally, race-related incidents of violence, discrimination and outright hatred of one race for another also seem to be surfacing at an alarming rate throughout the United States, and some feel that there is indeed a correlation between the two.

Should Money Mitt and President Barry O level the political playing field in the name of peace? Or is it just an unrelated coincidence that racial tensions seem to be at an all-time high during this election season?

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