Bad Luck Couple: A History Of All The Crappy Stuff To Happen To Chad And Evelyn Since They Got Together

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A History Of Chad And Evelyn’s Bad Years

Things have been crazy for Ocho and Evelyn over the past two weeks or so, but we should have seen all of this coming. Ocho and Evelyn have had bad luck since they got together. Things have always been jacked up for them. Don’t believe us? Let’s see how things started for them. There’s plenty of bad luck to be had.

Ocho’s Bad Season – Ocho had a horrible season signed to the Patriots. Tom Brady didn’t even look his way half the time.

The End Of The Friendship – Evelyn and Jennifer had their friendship totally jacked up during the whole fiasco.

Dropped From The Team – Chad got cut from the Patriots and Evelyn made fun of him for it!

Basketball Wives Confusion – Evelyn has been out beating up chicks and fighting all over the show to the point that VH1 was considering canceling it or taking Evelyn off.

Chad Is A Dolphin – Poor Chad couldn’t find a team that wanted him so he had to sign with the sucky Dolphins for very little money.

The Headbutt – We all know what happened here.

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    Cut…Again – After getting arrested, Chad got cut from yet another team.

    Fired On TV – They straight up fired Chad on national television! Talk about making it worse.

    Chad’s Sub-Par Side-Piece – Then it was revealed that Chad’s side chick was an ugly a$$ Becky. Both of them lost.

    Divorce – Now they’re getting a divorce and they had a shorter marriage than Kim and Kris. Ouch.

    Cancelled – Their damn show got cancelled, too.

    Lawsuit – Now the two are being sued by the resort they got married, saying their wedding was a fraud.

    Foreclosed – One of Chad’s condos just got foreclosed, too. It just gets from bad to worse.

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