Sick Of Being Lonely: The Forbes List Of The Top 20 Cities For Single People To Find A “Tender Touch” Or That Special Someone

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Don’t have a boo-thang? Then we have the perfect places you should move to find one

Forbes List Of Best Places For Single People To Live

To generate our list, we ranked 40 of the largest continental U.S. metropolitan statistical areas in seven different categories: coolness, cost of living alone, culture, job growth, online dating participation, nightlife and the ratio of singles to the entire population of the metro. Each metro was assigned a ranking of 1 to 40 in each category, based on quantitative data, and all categories were weighted equally. The ranks were then totaled to determine the final rankings. A metropolitan statistical area (MSA) is a geographic entity defined by the U.S. Office of Management and Budget for use by federal agencies in collecting, tabulating and publishing federal statistics.

The biggest factor in the rankings this year was an increase in online dating, not just in New York but across the entire U.S. Pepper Schwartz, Ph.D., a sociology professor at University of Washington in Seattle and the relationship expert at, says that the Seattle-based dating site has seen a 48% increase in subscriptions year-over-year. She believes that it’s directly related to the recession.

“I don’t think that it’s an accident,” says Schwartz. “People are telling us that when things are tough, core needs are most important. And love–someone to share your life with–is a core need.”

All folks want is a little love.

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20. Virginia Beach-Norfolk

Virginia is for lovers, especially after a couple drinks!

19. Minneapolis

In one of the Twin cities you just might find yourself sandwiched between some twins…

18. Buffalo

Uh…maybe Niagara Falls gets things wetter?

17. Dallas

Ladies, they say everything is BIGGER in Texas but there is only one way to find out…

16. Portland

We’ve never been, but based on this picture there appears to be a lil’ something for whatever you like guys. Hmmm…

15. Providence, Rhode Island

Ok so maybe Drake and Lil Wayne aren’t stopping in Rhode Island to do afterparties, but if you’re looking for a more intellectual mate there are amazing museums, theater, and historcal adventures to go on.

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    14. Cleveland

    Before you laugh and ask “Why the hell would ANYONE want to live in Cleveland?” Consider this, the cost of living is dirt cheap and with all the sports teams and colleges around the nightlife is poppington. That’s not a bad combination when looking for a good time…

    13. Denver

    It’s high, they GET high, it’s cold, living is cheap and you can find a pretty decent job.

    12. San Diego

    Beach bods, beach bunnies, and beers. Did we mention the beach?

    11. Austin

    Yeah Austin is a college town and that means single life is…AWESOME!

    10. Philadelphia

    Contrary to what you might have thought, Philly has one of the highest ratios of single folks to married folks in the country. Lotta of men and women lookin’ for love, take advantage!

    9. Milwaukee

    They are most famous for beer and cheese, and while those two things don’t necessarily intimate romance, it does suggest that there are a lot of restaurants and bars full of folks that are single and ready to mingle.

    8. Los Angeles

    Perhaps you thought L.A. would be higher on the list, but #8 isn’t so bad. According to Forbes there are lots of single people, but a La-La land houses one of the largest online dating populations in the country. If you move here you either need a lot of money or be the biggest dot-com Don Juan the west coast has ever seen.

    7. San Francisco

    The Golden Gate Bridge just may lead you to the heart of another, or at least the bed.

    6. Atlanta

    Of all the cities rated Atlanta came in at #1 in cost-of-living, and #3 in job growth. Not to mention the culture, sports, and colleges, yeah ATL is still a place where you can find a good husband or wife.

    5. Washington D.C.

    It may be a lil’ expensive to live here, but it is one of the best places to live for young singles, plenty of culture and things to do, and a top 10 ratio of singles to married folks.

    4. Seattle

    This northwest city has always had a reputation for being “cool” and friendly to young people, clubs, bars, restaurants, and also a place where job growth has surged.

    3. Chicago

    As single person there is plenty of space and opportunity to meet a mate, between the parks, upscale restaurants, colleges, sports teams, cultural activities, if you’re single here it’s gotta be by choice.

    2. Boston

    The mean streets of Boston aren’t so mean when you have someone you love with you. Awwww…

    1. New York City

    In the city that never sleeps how could you not find someone?

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