Exclusive–The Ugly Side Of Usher And The Media Conspiracy Surrounding His Court Hearings

- By Bossip Staff

Lies, payin’ people off, and leaks to the press. A source revealed to BOSSIP that the media’s depiction of Tameka Raymond and stories surrounding her are misconstrued and often leaked by Usher himself! We got the truth on the Saks “card,” nannies and the singer’s volatile relationship with his Mom from Bossip sources who were in the courtroom for the entire custody battle.

It’s interesting that the media has focused mostly on nannies getting chopped down and a Saks discount card when there’s so much more to the story.

For example:

• Usher filed for Sole legal and Sole Physical Custody January 4th, 2011, after he went back on his “word” and didn’t let the kids go on vacation with Tameka. Instead, he kept the boys in Miami, Florida with him. We’re told it was “preemptive” because he thought Tameka was going to file first…SMH.

• Usher has been responsible for all of the nanny payments since the divorce (per agreement), and uses them as spies. We hear he doesn’t even pay them on time or at all sometimes. So all that leaves Tameka with are pissed off nannies who have attitudes with her, but not him. He even got two of them to testify against Tameka and rifle through her isht; it was alleged that one even removed things from her house as evidence for him…i.e., pictures, deleted emails, etc.

• Another issue that came up in court was how Usher’s Mom not managing him has nothing to do with Tameka. Our source revealed that Usher’s Mommy is “controlling, bossy, and would disrespect him as if he were nine years old”. On October 18, 2009, the singer rammed his Mom’s truck with his three times…HEAD ON. His Mom was in the car during the incident. According to court testimony, he was angry, cursing her out and wanted to hurt her. Tameka’s sister actually testified about the dysfunctional relationship with his mother, whom he calls “Jonnetta”, but we guess the media doesn’t write about that since it’s not leaked.

•Then there’s the crazy “family friend,” Linda Brock-White, who is actually a friend of Tameka’s first ex-husband Ryan. She was fired from Lockheed Martin after 20 years of employment and traveled with Tameka and the boys; often as a friend or a “play aunt.” We’re told it’s suspected that she was paid off by Usher and his legal team because prior to him filing, she didn’t like Usher one bit and even previously said she thought he was crazy to file this action and she “despised him.” She and Maya Fox Davis (the bridesmaid Usher fawked) were both friends of Tameka’s who Usher ended up manipulating. We can’t help but wonder if Ush chopped down Linda too?

•Another issue raised in court was Usher’s recent hiring of some of his relatives (a grandmother in her 80’s and an aunt) on his long estranged late father’s side of the family to work as nannies for the boys. The grandmother is actually the one who let Usher’s stalker Darschelle Jones-Rakestraw into his home under the pretense that she had an appointment with Usher. Jones-Rakestraw posted photos of the home on her Facebook account (this is the crazy woman who claimed to be his “wife”). Cinco and Nayvid were home during the incident — which was bad enough for what it was but could have gone far worse.

• Then there’s the Saks card issue you’ve all heard so much about. Our source said the card was one of many reasons Usher was held in “contempt” in this case. Per the Raymond’s divorce agreement, Usher was to leave the Saks card open because it has special VIP benefits which are helpful to Tameka’s work as a stylist; but Tameka makes her own payments, so the constant media attention on the card seems like Usher’s shady way of making his ex-wife look like a gold-digger.

But here are some other things that lead to Usher being held in contempt:

He didn’t pay the nannies per their divorce agreement. The judge even ruled that he would have to make back payments on money already owed.

He has failed to give his ex-wife information on her son’s whereabouts. Another issue is that the kids are often with Usher and his girlfriend Grace Miguel overnight, something he has tried to hide, since the exes have a NO “Overnight Guests”, unless married or family, clause in their divorce agreement. He has also lied about Grace sleeping in the same room and bed with them.

The final hearing in the case was last Friday, but the judge’s ruling still hasn’t been determined. It seems like an obvious choice for a mother to keep custody of her sons and not have them raised in hotels and tour buses so we can’t say we’re surprised that Usher would try to manipulate the media to keep public opinion in his favor.

We just hope both parents don’t lose sight of what’s really important. Their kids.

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