Florida Crazies: 19-Year-Old Arrested On DUI Charges Tells One-Time That His Dad Is An ‘Autobot’ From Transformers

- By Bossip Staff

WTF??? Perhaps dude was more than drunk…

A man was arrested on DUI charges after a recent incident that produced an unusual conversation with the arresting deputies in Martin County. Michael Peter Rexford, 19, was driving his Saturn Ion on at least one damaged tire in Palm City on Aug. 12, failing to stop at two stop signs, according to an arrest report obtained by WPBF 25 News. When a deputy pulled him over and asked about the damage to the car, Rexford “said that he had felt the car get ‘woogity,'” the report said.

Upon further questioning, Rexford said his license had been “expended,” but was able to retrieve his car registration and insurance. He also told the deputy he was coming “more from the Stuart area,” then changed his story and said, “Uhhh, more from Jensen,” the report said.

Rexford was asked if he had hit anything, but he insisted he hadn’t, saying he felt the tire blow near the Palm City bridge. He then added “that his father was an ‘Autobot’ and could fix his car and he just wanted to get home,” according to the report. Autobots comprise a group of Transformers led by Optimus Prime in the hit comic-book series “Transformers.”

The unusual comments and slurred speech prompted the deputies to administer a field-sobriety test, which Rexford failed. He later recorded blood-alcohol readings of .181 and .193, both double the legal limit.

Of course this crazy person is from Florida. SMH.


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