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Teyana Taylor gave us all a mouthful today. The singer, rapper, actress, dancer put it in her own words and explained how she brought back the “tomboy wave”.

I Need To Let something be known, I see the blogs and individuals in general are quick to post my comments about starting this tomboy look and then twist shit like a micro braid, but let me take you somewhere real quick on what I meant.

Yes I know about the late Aaliyah, TLC, Missy Elliot, Queen Latifah, Lady Of Rage, SWV, and X-Scape yes they are women who dressed like tomboys who were in this game long before me I salute & look up to them. When I stated that I started this tomboy wave I meant in terms of my era on & bringing it back. When I hit the scene back in 2005’/2006′ it was I and only I dressing in that style when it came to FEMALE ARTIST in this game and that’s a fact.

CLEARLY NO DEBATING. I was doing the BBC cargo’s with the dunks, big hair under that 59/50 new era fitted. Rocking Jordans all crazy, I made that shit cool again no female in this game was going near it unless it was them being styled at a photo shoot, or a treatment in their video. Between my time and now, when you seen a young girl with that “Sexy Boyish” look she wasn’t thinking too much about the ladies before me, she was channeling the kid. Not to sound cocky but like come on let’s keep it a buck out here.

People was calling me a dike because of this tomboy shit, these other girls you see ain’t have to go through that, the REAL tomboys were being called dikes. Just look at some of these people before they got signed, look at them in their high school days. Look at pictures of them when they first got signed, then do the same thing with me. The proof is in the pudding, and that pudding tasting real good right now. I’m not mad that people use an idea because I too may use an idea, I just do things in my own way, and I also do original things.

Just don’t give credit to that person for starting a trend because their more famous, or have more records out, those are the people who take from the people who haven’t yet reached their level of success and we all know that its been going on before I was thought of. I love my style i love to dress, its fun to me and I just wanna be respected like any other person who started something or brought something back to life when people were to iffy to do it. Nobody can be mad at me for that, and if you do have a problem “oh well” who cares go talk to ya parents about it. I love my fans and all those who support Teyana Taylor because at the end of the day they know EXACTLY what it is.. Harlem-

Hmmm…subliminal shade throwin’ at RihRih?

We’re all glad you’re a proud tomboy Tey. Keep reppin’ for all of the cute boyish ladies out there that are apparently stealing getting their style from you.

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