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New York Senator Malcom Smith isn’t too cool with Lil Wayne right now. He’s called Weezy out and is asking fellow New Yorker Nicki Minaj to step in and encourage Wayne to apologize.

The offending comment, via MTV, was brief: “Flat out: I don’t like New York,” Wayne said Monday when he was asked how performing with Minaj in the city went last week.

Smith responded swiftly, issuing a statement slamming Wayne and praising New York as “the birthplace of the Hip Hop music movement.” Smith, who recently helped promote an anti-gun initiative in the city, also slammed Wayne’s 2007 gun possession arrest, which resulted in the rapper serving eight months on Rikers Island.

At a Times Square press conference Wednesday, Smith’s crusade continued. He railed against Wayne for making money in New York while bashing it and alleged the rapper’s comments had also insulted the likes of Frank Sinatra and Jay-Z, because both men had “made endearing” songs about the city.

Charles Fisher of the Hip Hop Summit Youth Council also expressed concern that Wayne’s comments could spark a rap war, Politicker reported.

“Sixteen years ago, Tupac Shakur was murdered, and Biggie Smalls came right after that….We can’t afford to have a war between New York and the South. Lil Wayne is out of Atlanta, grew up in New Orleans,” Fisher said.

“It is my hope and I believe and I want to believe that he had a lapse in mental judgement for some strange reason and I hope that he will think about it,” Smith said. “New Yorkers are forgiving people. We’re prepared to forgive Lil Wayne if, in fact, he makes a sincere apology.”

Let us know what you think. Does Smith have a point or is he a little sensitive?

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