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Talk about a smack in the face!

Monument Honoring Prominent White Supremacist Group Leader To Be Built

Citizens in Selma, AL are furious after learning that the city is in talks to build a monument honoring the first leader of the most openly racist group in American history.

For anyone who still believes we live in a “post-racial” society, the city of Selma, Ala., is planning to erect a monument honoring Confederate General Nathan Bedford Forrest, also known as the first Grand Wizard Of the *Klew Klucks Khlan* according to

The decision to build a monument to the founder isn’t sitting well with many local citizens. Selma community activist Malika Sanders-Fortier, who created the petition on after hearing about the monument, noted the city’s historical links to the Civil Rights Movement in a letter to the Selma City Council, which has expressed support for the plan:

“People know Selma, Alabama, as the city where Dr. [Martin L.] King [Jr.] fought for civil rights,” Fortier wrote. “The Selma City Council has no business allowing that the city’s history and the memory of those who fought for civil rights to be smeared in this way.”

“Nathan Bedford Forrest led his troops to kill Black soldiers who had surrendered,” said Alabama State Senator Hank Sanders in an interview with the Daily Agenda. “He killed women and children. That would be enough alone that you would not have this monument built.”

Interestingly enough, this wouldn’t be the first state to offer its respects to Forrest: The state of Tennessee currently has 32 historical markers in his name and also named July 13th, Forrest’s birthday, Nathan Bedford Forrest Day. In Mississippi, Governor Haley Barbour refused demands from the NACCP to ban the issuing of vanity plates honoring Forrest.

Building ANYTHING to honor a man responsible for the deliberate deaths of innocent children, among other things, is shameful, disrespectful and inhumane. Hopefully Selma city officials come to their senses and put a stop to this. SMH!




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