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Is Young Hollyweird’s hottest couple on the verge of a split?

JUSTIN BIEBER and SELENA GOMEZ keep denying rumors they’re on a fast train to Splitsville, but a source close to Selena reports she’s agonizing over an exit strategy from an oppressive relationship that’s slowly draining her – yet she’s terrified a split will trigger Justin’s newly emerging vindictive streak, driving him to spill her intimate secrets!

In recent months, newly bitchy Bieber’s (1) trashed the British Olympics spirit by jeering at PRINCE WILLIAM’s bald spot; (2) infuriated Canadian Eskimos by calling them welfare freeloaders; and (3) arrogantly slapped at a girl in a 7-Eleven.

“Selena’s seen a change in The Biebs – he’s less kind to others, and to her, and gotten more full of himself,” said the friend.

“He isn’t the Justin she fell in love with, the ‘dreamy’ boyfriend she could have fun with and tell all her secrets to.

“He knows things about her family life, and her true feelings about contemporaries like MILEY CYRUS – so she’s worried about what he’ll spill if they split.

“His escalating, wild-card behavior worries her, but she won’t kick him to the curb hard and cold for fear he’ll get vindictive. Selena’s searching for a way to break it off, remain friends – and even continue working together on projects, as they’ve done with tracks for her upcoming CD.”

ROFLMAO @ “her true feelings about Miley Cyrus”… Think we can pretty much guess what those are!

We could see how breaking up with the richest young pop star on the planet would be hard. Could you leave your super rich Romeo if he started acting up?

Source SplashNews/Instagram



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