Hide Ya Kids: Georgia HS Cheerleader Coach Investigated For Playing “Strip Game” With Girls At Sleepover At Her Home

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Via The Smoking Gun:

A high school cheerleading coach resigned from her job–and is now the subject of a police investigation–after a student told Georgia school administrators about a stripping game called “Judge and Jury” that was played during a recent team sleepover at the woman’s home.

According to a Clayton County Sheriff’s Office report, a Lovejoy High School student let administrators know about the July 18 gathering where the unnamed coach “assumed the role as the Judge while the other students assumed the role as the Jury.”

During the game, cheerleaders would be asked a series of questions and “would have to answer the question beginning with ‘Honestly.’” If they did not answer correctly, they were given a choice: Either run around the school’s track or “remove an article of clothing.”

The student told officials that while the game was being played, she closed her eyes and did not see “anyone remove all their clothing.” She added that only students–and not the coach–“removed clothing to reveal their under garments.”

Sheriff’s deputies–who were told by school lawyers they would need a subpoena to get the names and ages of the teens at the sleepover–continue to investigate based on the “outcry made by the student” and the possibility that “the incident was video taped.”

The real question is why the hell are parents letting their kids have “sleepovers” at the coach’s house????

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