PDA: Dawn Richard and Q

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

Check out your boy giving a tutorial on how NOT to kiss a girl. LOL @ his lips covering her entire mouth.  So much for the lip gloss she just applied.

More pics from the Rush Philanthropic Arts Foundation Youth Holiday Party including Russell Simmons, Teyana Taylor, and Ryan Leslie when you pop the hood.

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  • DaddyO


  • http://www.gravatar.com Re


    Side note: Are those “pubs” on his face? Or is that a beard…

  • Christmas Time aka ATXChick

    he is not cute to me at all kinda makes me sick to my stomach just by looking at him…

  • Tealeaf

    Both are gross looking

  • Encyclopedia Brown

    The girl in the last picture got frog lips

  • kahmmillion

    That’s some nasty ish…Can you imagine him kissing other places…(Oh boy!)

  • shar

    Squashed lips – not a good look. Yuk.

  • pm

    good for them everyone needs love, plus I have seen way uglier couples then them

  • pm

    plus she could be single and part of the majority


    Wow queen pen blew up… Dawn and Que are so cute.



  • Lady Architect

    Dawn and Q are a cute couple. Donno bout that kissing but hey that’s her man not mine. It’s sad that Diddy making all of this money and treats his artist’s careers like crap. Look how they look compared to him.

  • Soul Touch

    they look happy…all that matters.

  • Lady T

    It looks like he’s trying to suck her whole face in! Not a good look. They are a cute couple though and it’s nice to see no drama couples show a little PDA.

  • Black Beauty

    I like them as a couple, but I hope that the sex is not as sloppy and the kiss. LMAO

  • Hotstuff

    Why is Teyana rocking that wig?

  • Nina Knows

    I dont see anything wrong with the kiss.

    I used to think Teyana Taylor was cute… not so much anymore. I liked that afro wig, it was cuter.

  • Creole Baby Thinks the Pop Champagne Video is Gay

    top twizzy!

  • Creole Baby Thinks the Pop Champagne Video is Gay

    shout out to all the giant lip people who don’t pop champagne

  • da darkness

    gross! when i’m lookijng in the mirrior and peep that i’m not addicted. there could never b. I think they’re in it cause the P.R. the N.O. has so many dymes. I’m going back new years to grab another right on canal street.

  • Oshie - still here.

    Creole Baby what’s wrong with you? LMAO

  • luvchild

    queen pen know she wrong for stretching her buttons like that.

    Dawn & Q so cute.

  • Aunt Viv

    LOL!!!! I think they’re so cute.

  • http://www.myspace.com/chickletL2 denne

    wow that is definitely too much lip… did you hear how some dude recently perforated this girls ear drum while kissing her on the mouth??? he basically sucked so hard on her face they busted. i remember i kissed this dude and all of a sudden i feel saliva on my eyelashes… he somehow had half my face in his mouth including my lips and lower lid… but i’d take Q and his overzealous lips anyday. he seems like a good guy

  • cmoore

    lmfao!! yall are stupid.

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