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Who run the Roc? Blue!

Mephis Bleek Talks Jay-Z As A Father And His Relationship With Former Roc-A-Fella Artists

Everybody from Auntie Solo, to Rih-Rih, to Rita Ora have been singing baby Blue Ivy’s praises since her birth, and now proud papa Hov’s right hand man is doing the same.

Long-time fellow artist and close friend of Roc Nation’s ringleader Memphis Bleek recently sat down to dish on Hov’s parenting skills, his relationship with the original Roc-A-Fella fam, and meeting Blue Ivy for the first time.

On meeting Blue Ivy for the first time:

“It’s weird man, it’s funny. Like, I was in the office; I see Blue in there for the first time….it was the first time I see her. She runs the office already! I’m in there, I’m like “who’s baby is crying?!? Jay must be cool, he let his employees bring their babies to work??” So then when I finally realize it’s Blue, I’m like ‘oh, aight, she cool.’ She could tear down the whole building…who gon’ say what? Blue got drivers, sercurity……she poppin!”

On whether or not Jay-Z is a good father:

“Definitely, definitely. Man, seeing my man do his first burp, with my eyes, you know, it’s a new thing and I love it. Fatherhood…it’s nothing like it. Nothing is like bringing new life into this world and that’s your responsibility. Their brain is a sponge and anything you teach them is what they’ll learn and carry with them for the rest of their life.”

On his current relationship with Dame Dash:

“Dame is still cool. I seen him out in London not too long ago,” Bleek said. “They put a video out on the Internet about us meeting. Dame has always been a good dude to me, man. He helped me a lot, like I said. We was a family, and I was young. I was 14, 15 when I first started rolling around. When I met Dame, I was, what, 15 going on 16? And Dame helped me tremendously in my career, like, outta bad decisions in my career with contracts, everything. … So I could never say nothing wrong. Things just happen in life where certain people just go their certain way. I had no control over that. I was still a pup.”

On his current relationship with his former Roc-A-Fella family:

“I speak to Young Chris, I speak to Freeway here and there. I was in touch with Neef Buck not too long ago. I tried to reach out to [Beanie Sigel], but you know Beans got a lot of personal things he’s dealing with. But at the end of the day, I’ma say it and you hear the words from my mouth: Them is all my dudes. No matter what went down, we fam. We came up together. It’s almost like a cousin. You and your cousin can fight, but at the end of the day, y’all still family.”

How cute. We don’t think there’s anyone around this little girl that doesn’t think the world of her! Bleek sounds like a stand-up dude.




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