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Might be time for Mr.Marcus to throw his hat in

Apparently adult film star, Mr. Marcus tested positive for an STD. Even more troubling, the triple X legend has also allegedly admitted to performing in three freaky deaky productions after the fact:

“Adult performer Mr. Marcus told news outlets Tuesday that he is “very sorry” for altering his STI test result that showed he tested positive for syphilis, saying he only worked with the altered test because his doctor assured him that he would not be contagious after taking a shot of penicillin and waiting at least 10 days before any sexual activity.

In an emotional interview that at one point brought the 18-year veteran star to tears, Mr. Marcus admitted that he made “mistakes” in recent weeks, but that he never once felt he was endangering anyone else by performing three times between July 24 and Aug. 8. “I have to live with this, no one else does,” Mr. Marcus said. “I’m sorry. I’m very sorry. I did not think that this would come out like this. I’m sorry.

All I can do is try to make some good happen. That’s it. I can do that. I can stand up. I’ve been taking a lot of shit. I can take it.”

This is just plain ole’ nasty! Mr.Marcus may have been the Outbreak monkey, spreading around his dirty azz disease, he better be glad it was something curable. Wrap it up folks!




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