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If you thought Gloria Govan’s beef with the “Basketball Wives” Miami cast ended when she and her sister Laura got their spinoff, well you were wrong.

Recently, EUR associate/partner Cherise Nicole ( got together with Gloria Govan of “Basketball Wives: LA.”

They met up at Evolution Dance Studios in North Hollywood where Gloria was getting in some hand to hand combat training for a new project for the Comedy Shaq Network called “Clean Ops.”

“Clean Ops” chronicles a female assassin, V (portrayed by Govan), as she eliminates undesirable targets. She’s been trained, from an early age, to be a classically trained ballerina as well as a weapons and hand to hand combat expert. Although, you’re unsure what side she’s on, what is clear, is that you don’t want to be on her bad side.

Anyway, keep that whole combat/assassin thing in mind ’cause when Cherise jokingly asked Gloria if she had use her new skills on anybody on “Basketball Wives” … Miami or LA, who would it be? Govan didn’t hesitate.

“I think I’d use my moves on every cast member in Miami. I would wait for Evelyn. Evelyn would be last. I’d knock out Shaunie first. And then … you know Royce apologized to me after the last reunion. So, I wouldn’t knock her out. I’d just smack the sh*t out of her.” She continued, “Susie I like. Jennifer just gets on my nerves … like her voice irritates me so I would try to take out her voice box.”

The interview was done a few days prior to Evelyn allegedly getting head-butted by her soon to be ex-husband, Chad Johnson, and Gloria was just joking … we think. Anyway, she wasn’t through knocking Evelyn, figuratively that is.

Gloria also told Cherise about the new season of “Basketball Wives,” being a Mom of 2 twin boys and ironically, the violence that happened on the last season of “Basketball Wives (Miami).”

The new season of “Basketball Wives: LA” debuts on Monday, September 10.

Do you think Gloria’s comments will result in more drama from Shaunie, Royce, Jennifer and Evelyn? Is she talking reckless or just keeping it a hundred?




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