Chris Brown Wants to Hit It

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

18 year-old heartthrob Chris Brown wants to stay away from the old cougars and keep it in his age bracket. When asked about getting with 19 year-old Rihanna he stated that he “might have flirted a little bit” and was “single and ready to mingle.” He also said that he and Rihanna “are just friends. We’re great friends. We haven’t taken it to that next level YET.” When asked if there was a chance at him getting some Bajan lovin he smiled and said “We’ll see.”

We don’t need all that dancing around the subject talk around here. Just look at the pic. That crotch to crotch body language speaks volumes. Teenage love, how precious.


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  • gonzn


    Chris Brown is getting some publicity.

  • catfish


  • lacyd

    Could I be first??? See I don’t announce it because I never know until I post. But they would make such a cute couple. And they have both aged so fast. That life in the fast lane…I tell you what.


    on MTO they said that Chris Brown got with Superhead…i hope that’s not true, he is just a baby

  • Shasta

    She does look like she is about to hump his hip.

  • gonzn

    She always in shorts.

  • way2real

    The sad thing is is that most entertainers who decide to link up dont last long. But for Chris, if there was ANYBODY you’d want to start out the relationship life with, SHES THE ONE, the baddest lil female since who….beyonce?



  • NAIS

    the real question is: if they get together is he gonna be honest with her about how much her live performances could be improved??

  • Nickey

    Her thighs look thick ass hell in that last pic.

  • Bird

    He seems to young for her to me. Rih Rih looks like the type that needs a grown man. We all know how inmature 18 year old boys are.


    ID HIT HER 2



  • G-Roc

    Chris is growing up. SLOW down dude no need to rush things, you’ll see…it will all make sense

  • Nickey

    they would make a cute couple though. rihanna seems so much older then she really is. but they are still young should be having fun not looking for a wife or a husband anyway.

  • G-Roc

    And she aint freaking 19 either, can’t be! Why do they always change their ages? Keep it real shawty..

  • http://WWW.YAHOO.COM Redd

    i must admit the look really cute together~!

  • gorgeous chocolate pixie

    chris is hotttt… you would definitely catch a case messing iwth him… lol i gues 23 isnt’ that old for an 18 yr old (SMILE)

  • loveyoulongtyme

    They make a cute couple. And to Nais, they both need work on their live performances. Chris ain’t that tight.

  • Reformed GammaRay

    Chris brown face in last pic is priceless! And that girl thighs grown as mine! da hell? deez!

    aww they could be a lil pop bee and jay couple aww..

    “it’s very seldom that’s ur blessed to find your equal” upgrade ja!

  • NoWAY

    That is the cutest news of the day!!!


    Get that thang Chris.

  • Eye

    Riri has cankles but they make a very cute couple. Kinda like Jay and Bey. The are the next hip-hop/R&B supercouple…

  • ImpressMe

    I co-sign with that young lady. 23 is not to old. I don’t like the fact that they get around but I will say the obvious that lovey dovey kiss kiss Chris is fine. Im 21 so no 23 is not to old. I just think he is really cute.

  • ImpressMe

    Oh I just the other pics I think they look really cute together. They are too cute hoes. OHHHHHH!

  • Yes I Said It

    Something tells me Chris is going to end up marrying something other than a black woman. Hispanic probably. Or maybe biracial.

    But I notice the lead female in his videos are usually mixed or latina. Seems to me like thats the kind of woman he goes for.

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