Warren Sapp Blames Evelyn And Not Chad “Butt It Wide Open” Johnson For Their Fight Night – “She Did It”

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Warren Sapp Goes To Bat For Chad Johnson; Blames Evelyn For Altercation

Former NFLer and widely known motor-mouth Warren Sapp is speaking out on who was to blame for the Evelyn Lozada and Chad Johnson domestic dome-check that went down earlier this month.

Sapp sat down for a recent interview just before his book release, and surprise surprise, he’s going to bat for Chad.

No, the former Hurricanes defensive lineman who went on to play for Tampa Bay and Oakland has never been dropped from an NFL team. But he did have a run-in with the law because of domestic battery back in 2010. (The charges were later dropped.) Both Sapp and Johnson are NFL standouts, Dancing With The Stars alums, and never ones to hold back. So we knew Sapp would have something to say.

Do you think the Dolphins are worse off without Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson?
I was rooting for him. When Chad had that first press conference on Hard Knocks, I thought to myself, “This isn’t good.” The coaches came to him and let him know he can’t do this, he represents the organization, etc. I have a sense of humor, but they should have come to him and said, ” I saw the press conference. If you do it again, you’re gone.” He didn’t know if this was his first strike, second strike, what it was. They were setting him up. There were so many potholes; he didn’t know where to step.

You think they used the Evelyn Lozada fight to kick him off the team?
Come on. Tell me the first and last name of a brother who headbutted someone.

Chad Johnson, I suppose.
No, before that. When is the last time one of your homeboys called you and told you, “Let me tell you about this fight at the club last night where this guy and his girlfriend were walking by and he turned around and headbutted the girl.” Never. He’s taking the rap for it. We don’t do that. She did it. That’s a woman that is going to depend on her beauty for the rest of her life to open any door she wants to walk through, and she is going to do what to her forehead? I’m done. [Chad] is a bunch of fun and I am sorry this had to happen to him.

Those are some strong opinions coming from a man who is no stranger to domestic disputes himself.

Do you think there is some truth to what he’s saying?


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