Florida Pig Fired And Arrested For Slamming “Abbi’s” Head Against Her New Camaro Several Times! [Video]

- By Bossip Staff

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The thug police messed with the wrong Becky:

Pensacola Police Officer Christopher Geraci Fired For ‘Unreasonable Force’ On Abbi Bonds. A Florida police officer was fired and arrested after a camera mounted in his car showed him slamming a hit-and-run suspect against her car multiple times.

The video appears to show officer Christopher Geraci grab suspect Abbi Bonds’ arm and shove her after she refused to obey his command that she hang up her cellphone and reenter her car, WEAR-TV reported.

Geraci then appears to grab Bonds by the hair and force her against the side of the car as he attempts to handcuff her.

“I’m not fighting you,” she is heard saying. “Why are you hitting me?”

Bonds, 29, is suspected of being the driver in a hit-and-run accident.

Based on the video, it seems Bonds did not resist Geraci as she stood outside her damaged vehicle around 2 a.m. on Aug. 2. However, she allegedly failed several sobriety tests, leading to charges of driving under the influence, in addition to leaving the scene of an accident.

We aren’t against police… but we are against those pigs!


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