**UPDATE** They Shootin’!! As Many As 10 People Reported Shot In Front Of The Empire State Building!

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5 People Shot In Front Of The Empire State Building

A gunman opened fire outside the Empire State Building Friday morning just before 9AM, ABC reports. Multiple people were wounded.

The shooting occurred at 5th Avenue and 34th Street.

The New York Post reports 4 people were shot, and the Daily News says at least one person was killed.

The AP is now reporting the gunman was shot and killed.

Condolences to the victims. This isht is gonna make gun control fanatics go HAM!

Stay tuned to Bossip as more details emerge.


Police say at least four people but as many as 10 individuals were shot outside the Empire State Building Friday morning and the gunman is dead, NYPD officials said.

The condition of the victims is unknown at this time. It wasn’t immediately clear if the gunman’s wound was self-inflicted or if the suspect was shot by police.


A BOSSIP witness at the scene was within feet of one of the victims when the shooting broke out. Here is what she told BOSSIP about the shooting:

“The first victim was walking about 3 feet behind me and when I first heard the shots, I thought it was construction,” the source said. “But then I turned around to see the guy fall to the ground. I walked back to one of the Empire State building workers and told them that the man was shot.”

Our source says police were not on the scene yet and people around weren’t sure what was going on. She said she then heard several more gunshots and saw another one of the victims with what looked like a construction hat in his hand before he fell to the ground.

“People started running after that, once they realized that he was still shooting,” the source told BOSSIP. “I did too.”

We were able to approach the scene for a few photos, which are below:

Image via ABCNews/Shutterstock


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