Mistresses vs. Main Thangs: Did These Men Upgrade Or Downgrade With Their Dirty Dogging?

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Seeing If Men Improved Or Not With Mistresses

Men cheating is always horrible. But it seems that people are willing to forgive cheating men if they upgrade in terms of looks. But if they cheat with a dump truck looking woman, all hell breaks loose. So let’s see some men that had close calls. Which one would you pick?

Kobe Bryant – He mostly downgraded by there’s one close call. There was his wife, Vanessa.

And his side piece, Jessica Burciaga, playboy playmate.

What do you think? Upgrade or Downgrade?

Swizz Beatz – He was married to songstress Mashonda.

Then he found Alicia Keys.

Upgrade or Downgrade?

Biggie – He was married to Faith Evans.

But was running around with the Queen Bee.

Upgrade or Downgrade?

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    Brad Pitt – He was married to Jennifer Anniston.

    But dumped her for Angelina Jolie.

    Upgrade or Downgrade?

    Chris Brown – He’s technically with Karrueche right now.

    But we know he’s also chopping down Rihanna on the slippety sly.

    Upgrade or Downgrade?

    Tiki Barber – He was married and had a pregnant Ginny Barber by his side.

    But he ditched her for some skank.

    Upgrade or Downgrade?

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