The Hollyweird Struggle: Michael Ealy Says Denzel Washington Had It Easy Back In The Day

- By Bossip Staff

Michael Ealy Says Black Male Actors Have It Harder Than They Used To In Hollywood

Michael Ealy is livin the work hard, play hard life in Hollyweird.

As one of the few African-American male actors who stay on the scene and on the big screen, the blue-eyed bandit says pioneer actors like legendary leading man Denzel Washington had it a little easier early on in his career than black male actors starting out today.

In an interview with Ebony magazine the gorgeous Michael Ealy speaks about his upcoming movie role in About Last Night, and how the industry has changed since Denzel Washington was the leading man.

When asked what it felt like landing his first major leading role at 39-years-old, our favourite blue-eyed actor replied: “Sign of the times. You know, the way that it worked for Denzel won’t work now. It just won’t. The business is different. It’s rare to find an actor now who doesn’t have some sort of social media site. But, you know, he didn’t have to worry about that stuff.

“I read an interview with Idris Elba where he said he doesn’t even consider himself a leading man, but a character actor who plays leading man roles from time to time. And I get what he’s saying, because often times the leading man roles aren’t that interesting!”

The Hollyweurd blackout continues….


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