Someone We Actually Like: Alicia Keys In Complex

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

Here is the beautiful and talented Alicia Keys on the cover of the November issue of Complex Magazine. Finally, a real artist is about to make it rain on them hoes. AK’s album drops November 13.

AK, Kanye, and Lupe.. ‘artists’ are back this year… everyone else in the game right about now needs to fall back.

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  • beth

    there very few real artist of there and the future very sad on the music front

  • Joey

    nice who is she dating? Real artist are out there we just like to crank that soulja boi(SAD).

  • Lili

    Either that girl got lipo or worked out a helluva lot, because her hips never really showed up before. I’m not mad at AKeys.

    I don’t like the fact that her new song had to “grow on me”…I’m still tryna appreciate it. lol Let’s hope the rest of the cd is good.

  • G-Roc

    A. Keys ROCKS, and so does Complex mag. They always show love to, yessss sir!

  • nicole

    wow.. some folks are on that straight haterade tonight. the red kind.

    i see you alicia, keep doing your thing ma!

  • Hey Hey


    Am I the only one who does not like the picture?

    I mean she looks fab in the dress, but why do we have to look up her nose?

    The song is still growing on me too.

  • daria

    I adore Alicia but her outfits never work for her. It’s time to fire the stylist.

  • Roberto

    Does this pic remind anyone else of Aaliyah??

  • Sholla

    Dang ! Alicia’s looking good.

  • Way_Back_When

    OMG you all need to stop hating on this girl. She looks hot, Yall need some time on yall hands cause she looks good and her new song is my favorite right now

  • Lala

    What’s a real artist?

  • La. Finest

    I see even Alicia wearin a “freakum dress”. She looks lovely and I love her new song, its hot to me.

  • BubbaGoosie

    “everyone else in the game right about now needs to fall back.”

    I know that’s right!

  • Super Man Dat Hoe

    damn I Think I’m In Luv!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Latina

    En noticias de hoy mencioné sobre Alicia que me honra por la Grabación Nacional Acadamy Capítulo de Nueva York. Yo no sabía la fecha exacta, pero ahora estoy seguro que la ceremonia está esta noche en Cipriani en la Wall Street. La tarde comenzará con una hora de cóctel seguida de la comida y las presentaciones de tributo con presentadores de celebridad y ejecutantes. Los boletos para la Academia de Grabación Honran la variedad de gala de 275 dólares para miembros de Academia a 1,000 dólares para personajes muy importante de no miembro y están disponibles llamando la Nueva York

  • luisa_sanchez

    she looks so PRETTY!!!! i love alicia…

  • robbyrob

    Keys is looking hot on this cover!!

  • LB

    She looks great.

    When she’s laying low, people ain’t got shyt to say. But the minute she comes back, the minuted her face is on the magazines, the minute her song shoots up the charts, thats when people wanna talk shyt. Say whatever the f*ck u want. Its not gonna change the fact that the girl has sold upwards of 28 million records in just 6 years. Its not gonna change the fact she’s got more awards than places to put them. And most importantly, its not gonna change the fact she gotten more RESPECT in this industry than anyone can handle. Her FANS are gonna hold her down regardless of the negativity.

    Oh yeah, As I Am in stores Nov 13th! Now runtelldat.

  • damon

    Alicia is awesome & Beautiful, but she looks like a white girl acting black, IMO…

  • IHateABeyonceStan

    All the attacks on Alicia Keys are from Beyonce stans!

  • Lady Architect

    Alicia looks great…Most women that have a nice shape and wear these ribbon dresses look nice….I love the new song and can’t wait for the album…I really hope that Alicia doesn’t try to transform too much…I’m glad she’s become more girl and fashionable…just hope she doesn’t become unclassy and start wear booty shorts and heels and have her boobs all out just for fame cause then i would no longer appreciate her.

  • astrid

    It’s the October issue, not the November issue. She looks good.

  • LB

    why does every damn topic about Alicia turn into a Her versus Beyonce battle?? that shyt is so 2003.

  • yes

    that cover is horrendous but i still love her

  • daria

    Please change comment system 🙂

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